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HTC Nexus One, the predecessor to the Gingerbread-sporting Samsung Nexus S, has been teased with the Android 2.3 over-the-air upgrade ever since Gingerbread was released. At the time, we anxiously waited for the upgrade that seemed to be imminent, but weeks flew by without any news. Then, Google said it was coming "in the next few weeks," but months slowly churned, and thousands of Nexus Ones owners are still GBreadless.

How many times can you cry wolf before people stop listening to you? I don't know, but I hope this is the last time - Mobile Crunch reports that multiple sources, including Googlers on location at MWC in Barcelona, claim the 2.3 OTA is coming to our precious N1s by the week's end or early next week at the latest.

We're going to side with most MC commenters and say we'll believe it when we see it - if "weeks" can last months in Google land, "end of this week" may just spill into June. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes peeled for any signs of the update zip double time (hooah!).

Source: Mobile Crunch

Image credit: TheGadgets.net

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  • or

    this post is LONG TIME OVERDUE!!

    "the developers who cried wolf"

  • anthony

    i hope this is true.

  • geemaan
  • Noel

    I think Google was trying to iron out some kinks w/ Gingerbread thats why it took this long to get the update prepped n ready for OTA. Also the reason why no new devices are out there w/ Gingerbread and were set to be released w/ Froyo and then upgraded to GBread later. Left to me at this point they should just wait and go str8 to Android 2.4 the upgraded Gingerbread. Just wish my beloved N1 had a 1Gb Ram and 16Gb onboard storage n a bigger batt...then i won't even be thinking of replacing it...it has served me well and will cont to do so.

  • brad

    again more foreplay

  • wirbly

    Cool, just in time. My notification bar is starting to burn-in.

  • UnZ

    Lol I bet CyanogenMod will get gingerbread to the N1 before google does probably with the kinks ironed out too.

  • chris

    Wouldn't it be nice if they gave you 2.4 as a sorry note!

    Hope HTC get the 2.4 they've got set for the desire s ready for the DHD soon. Plus sense 2.1. Mmmmmm

  • http://www.humidorsandmore.com J Kane

    Hopefully this is true...the quicker Nexus gets it the quicker everyone else will too.

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    What I don't get is how there is not a single leaked build out there. I was running an early build of 2.2 way before 2.2 released, and there were many versions of it before the 'final' 2.2 finally hit.
    Where are all the 2.3 test builds?

    • isaac

      I've got cyanogen gingerbread since 22nd january. Stable, no problems at all. Now Rc1 is out, it isn't necessary to install Google version.

  • TitanAlum

    Check Cyanogen site they started rolling out release candidates for various phones yesterday. I've been on the nightlies for weeks now. The nightlies have been stable enough to use as a daily driver so the release candidate should be also.

  • stale gingerbread

    Breaking news!!! Gingerbread manual install is now available!!!!


    • Tim C


      • CiD

        Went right over your head, didn't it?

  • sixmilliondollarman

    Lets see - if I recall - buy the Nexus One and you will have the latest and greatest OS at all times since its a Google Phone. BS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Google LIED to us!!!

    Google is Full of SH*T

    Prove it by pushing it - or is Google waiting for XDA Developers to create the Gingerbread version to claim ownership of the OS and the pushing of it to the N1's?


    • wirbly

      Chill. There was no lying involved, as aside from the Nexus S, 2.3 has not made it to any other device (custom ROMs not included). After developing for a few months on 2.3, it's clear that it was rushed to meet the Nexus S release deadline. I for one am happy they held off on the N1 release while they fix it up.