Warning: This article contains information about flashing custom ROMs to your phone. If you're at all new to this, give our complete guide to custom ROM flashing a read.

Well folks, the day has finally come: the Gingerbread-based CyanogenMod 7 Release Candidates have landed for 17 Android devices. These "RCs" are suitable, generally speaking, for everyday use and have been road-tested enough that TeamDouche feels they're almost ready for prime time. Hit the links for the individual threads, which contain instructions and download mirrors:

Happy flashing, and be sure to read the instructions if this is your first go. We'll be updating this post as more devices get the bump to RC 1.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Rich

    And I just switched my Evo over to Fresh rom...

    decisions decisions...

    • Chris Ponciano

      I read somewhere a while back that Fresh Evo was going to be his last port. I tried CM6 for a bit and it was blazing fast, but i switched back to fresh for the 4G, since the alpha build of CM6 with 4G was too buggy for me, but if CM7 has 4G im in, 6 was the bees knees, so 7 has to be saucy goodness

  • AdamJ

    No Nexus S??

    • Flashfox

      Nexus S is on the list... near the bottom ;-)

      • http://iandouglas.com Ian Douglas

        Wonder if CM7 fixes the bugs that plague the NS, like random reboots.

        • AdamJ

          After the first day of use I did not experience any random reboots so fingers crossed!!

  • http://about.me/charliew Charlie W.

    Anyone know if Wimax and HDMI are supported on the Evo yet? I'm going to stay on Fresh until they are.

    • Chris Ponciano

      4G was working on CM6 on certain ports, it was just buggy, so it has to be working by now, ill check when i get it running.

    • John A

      I just installed CM7 and there is no 4G wimax support (EVO 4G). I checked under wireless networks where there option was in CM6 and it's not there. Going back to my old rom until they get 4G support

  • D.G.

    Just installed RC1. Things are looking great so far. Love the new lock screen.

    I have been running nightlies for several weeks now and build #42 was awesome for me. Battery life was outstanding with the original kernel. I hope that RC1 holds up as well.

  • http://kenkinder.com/ Ken

    Downloading RC1. It's taking a while -- must be congestion on the server. Should ROM Manager integrate some kind of bittorrent feature? ;)

  • CoZ

    Well applied it. Rebooted, got to home screen. Rebooted, applied GAPPS. Now I am stuck on the "Welcome Screen". I've been pressing the HECK out of the Android and it won't "register" the keypress on the Android.
    Any suggestions?

  • Jason

    It's also up for the MyTouch Slide!

  • Raj

    you guys have forgot HD2 !!!!!!!!

    • Flashfox

      I gave up hope about any Cyanogen ROM for my "Samsung Vibrant". However, I still have my HD2 and I am following this very, very closely. Once I see that we have "RC" like stability, I am switching to Android "à la Cyanogen" ;-)

  • BigDog

    Been running nightlies since day one (night 1 i guess) and its been great. Just doing my Nan backup and installing RC :)

  • MR.Patu

    Where is Galaxy S!!!!

    • Flashfox

      They don't seem that interested in the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). Perhaps Samsung's use of their odd file system coupled to their layer of bloatware makes it too difficult? Come to think of it, they do offer Cyanogen ROM for the Nexus S, a Galaxy variant without the bloatware ;-)

  • mikeymop

    Someone asked that on his twitter, he said you can build it from the N1 build of Cyanogen if you can add the missing pieces on your own.

  • John

    Thanks so much! Works great and LOOKS FANTASTIC! Lots of nice new features. I did, however, lose my 4G. Forums speak of RomManager's lack of backing up WiMax.img being the culprit? I did a recovery of my older ROM and my RSA key is still intact, so no harm done. Waiting a while for your next update. Good luck and thanks!

    • John

      Sorry, forgot to say I'm all about the Evo.

  • marshall

    high hopes for the mytouch 3g to soon be on the list

  • DBLX

    How about some DX love?

    • J

      Second the DX request.... Please... Will love you forever :p

  • ciena18

    i just d/l cm7 my return key don't work and no android market pls help love cm

  • Kenneth P

    wireless tether still not working for me on my evo

  • rex

    galaxy s?

  • Beaker151

    Samsung claims millions of galaxy s sold world wide and still no cyanogen love. Guess the carriers werent the only ones giving us the cold shoulder.

    • John J

      Don't just sit there and cry about it, learn to program and port it over yourself!


      • Beaker151

        I would learn the program a port it if time allowed but that type of time is what I have little of. Started my own business and lots on my plate. And not crying about it just stating the obvious. Im happy with my phone the way it is just would like to try a cm mod.

    • chris

      Difference is you haven't paid Cyanogen a crap load of money for their services, you really can't complain.

  • Christian

    Argh... the Viewsonic G-Tablet and even the ZTE got a release but the Galaxy Tab gets no love. =(

  • 4hashing+algorithm

    I love the stability and customization of CM7 and want to use it on a daily basis. The only thing stopping me is no support for 4g (Evo). I use wireless tethering on a daily basis and depend on my 4g to give me relatively fast download/upload speeds and that's the only hang-up.

  • Zack

    the GTablet link still says beta, not sure why it's listed there.....

  • trevmar

    I guess my G1 (Dream) is at End Of Life. Pity, it still works so well on CM6.1...

  • tc

    Like this new cm it is great thus far. Not had any issues and phone is stable and fast. My only complaint would be the lack of voice mail with cm roms but i can do with out vm on my evo. Dont really check vm any way.