Right now at MWC, Eric Schmidt is showing off a brand-new, Google-developed Android app: Movie Studio. The app, as the name may suggest, is a video editor. It's designed specifically for Honeycomb tablets, and as a video editor, that sort of makes sense. It's pretty rough trying to edit video on a smaller screen, though not impossible (which is to say, I imagine an XDA port for phones will happen as soon as an APK gets leaked).

Movie Studio will contain most of the features you'd expect in a competitive (*cough* iMovie *cough*) video editing app: transitions, audio import, splicing, A/V timeline, and multi-format export and sharing options. I'm also willing to bet there'll be some serious YouTube share integration. These are just a small list of features, and I'm sure as Eric continues his demonstration we'll get a few more tidbits. For now, here's some images Droid-life kindly posted:


movie-studio1 movie-studio11 movie-studio13


David Ruddock
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  • Steini Jons

    Ok... Wow!!!

  • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

    So Android's still playing catch up to iOS. Meh.

    • Inspiron41

      as far as i know it, iMovie was never released on iPad, it's iPhone only. Android Movie Studio appears to be Honeycomb (tablets) only. So no, not catch up. Actually, it's the other way around, iPad has some catching up themselves to do...and let's start with a Camera to even record videos.

      • Coldman

        lmao, well played.

        • VanDAman

          What are iFanBoys doing trawling around here anyway? :-)

  • James

    Looks extremely ugly. iMovie FTW!

  • caridadk

    James your not good looking yourself rofl!

    • James

      Not sure what you mean. If that's an insult, nice try. You have no idea what I look like. ;)

  • Rich

    Wow do the iFanBois really have such an inferiority complex that they have to troll android blogs?

    Just sad really.

    • James

      If this post is aimed at me, you must realize it's a personal opinion - Google is garbage when it comes to UI structure.

  • AndroidFTW!

    What's actually interesting is how far Android has come, and passed some of the other OS's out there in other sections, but then, what would you expect, It's powered by Google ;-)...

    For the haterz, what's you favorite search page / website / homepage? Yeah, that's what I thought :-P

    • James

      Favorite search page? Google. Duh. Favorite website? Dunno. I have lots of those. Probably Engadget. Homepage? Apple.com ;)

  • Jay

    Apple = locked down - if I want to try to change the experience to match what I think is best for the hardware I just spent $800 for, tough luck. I know, it's why the ui is so good in the first place - but the same reason I hate cell phone companies. I pay $600 for a phone that can only use one providers service and the case is freakin stamped with their name too. Who paid for this thing again?