Words With Friends, the wildly popular iOS game by everyone's favorite company Zynga, has come to Android, after weeks of anticipation. WWF is one of the most addicting and well made word games on the planet, and as of a few hours ago, you can download it for free from the Android Market.

Here's the best part: Words With Friends is cross-platform, so you can play up to 20 simultaneous games and kick your iOS buddies' butts all at the same time. In-game chat and push notifications that tell you when it's your turn will help keeping you addicted. According to Zynga, the game looks great on both Android handsets and tablets, so fire up all your brain cells - you're going to need them.

Not sure how to play? This video explains it quite well (thanks, davomrmac):


image image image image


Words With Friends Free

Thanks, John!

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  • Jaymoon

    I've enjoyed playing WordFued for quite some time now. I like the darker style of the board, whereas I was always annoyed with the look of others such as WordWise.

    But I guess with Zynga behind this, and cross-platform play as a factor, the popularity of WWF might be too much for WordFued to compete with... :(

  • Fetter

    Constant crashing on ALOT of phones. This needs to be fixed today!

  • Michaël

    Is it english-only? Or is it available in other languages as well?

  • Bren

    I can't find it on market?!?!?!?!?!

  • Mirr

    @Bren- its on there just scroll down a ways.
    @JayMoon-agreed, i definately perfer the darker board but being able to play against friends who use iphones is a definate plus.

  • Bren

    I can find it on my pc browser and apbrain but not on market itself? Has it been pulled due to crashing??

    • Ajleight

      Just hard to find. It's there.

  • ryan

    Was really looking forwatd to playing this as my wife plays on iPhone, imagine my pain when it says not compatible with htc wildfire. nooooooo

  • Mark

    Is there a way to silence the annoying sounds when you touch a letter?

  • Crutey

    Constant "network error" issue... roobish!

    • rad

      Sooo true can't agree more it pisses me of

      • linda

        It is impossible to fix their mistakes. They keep putting me in as some other person with the same name but different email address and I can't get the game back because it is obviously not my password! I want the game back.

  • jo

    what did you search to find the app?

  • BE

    app is a buggy mess right now.

  • BangPowBoom

    You can only turn off the sound by turning down the media volume?? Lame. Also it will not notify you on your notification bar. Lame. If you want to find it in the market search wordswithfriends, no spaces. I think I'll stick with Wordsmith.

    • ruby

      It isn't showing up in your notification bar when your opponent has made their move? What phone r u using? I'm on an EVO and haven't noticed anything buggy, and I get notification when it is my turn, both by notification bar and a special sound

    • Kapi

      I just bought HTC Inspire 4G and have downloaded the free Words with Friends from MarketPlace. Not too bad, but I am not receiving reliable notifications when it's my turn either ... notification bar nor sounds. Is there a fix or a setting I'm not aware of?

      • nanakeet

        Im having the same prob

        • Jack

          I have the same problem with the inspire.. can anyone fix this??

      • Tammy

        You need to go to the app-go into settings-log out of facebook.

  • Krad

    I am in the middle of playing three games and the app is killing me. After ever move I get a full screen ad that I have to manually skip.. IT is freaking killing me.

    It also force closes 2 out of 5 times after I make a move.

  • danny

    Yea its buggy. Every time there's a screen change like an ad or going from the games list to a game there's a good 30 second freeze. Gotta wait then it unfreezes if I touch the screen it fc. Hope they fix it sometime today.

    • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

      Having that problem too, & I hate the stupid ad at the bottom cause I touched it by accident, & it automatically started downloading some preview.

  • hoppy10

    Been trying all night but still won't install on wildfire and now can't even find it. Not on market, link dead from appbrain.

    • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

      It took me a few tries to download it...

  • PommieB

    Working well on HTC Desire HD. Playing with Wife on her iPad and Daughter on iPod

  • Stranger

    slow, buggy, no options for notification or turn off the sound. And it is killing the battery!!

  • Mark Ford

    Seems to work fine on my Samsung Captivate. I used to play this game constantly on my iPhone and I've really missed it since I moved to android. Been playing Wordfeud instead. I like the cross-platform aspects and that my old friends and games were still there (although ended).
    My only request is P L E A S E add an option to disable sounds!!!!! I often play this game at night in bed (wife hates the noise), in boring meetings (audible sounds not so good), etc.
    I was an early purchaser on iPhone. Add notifications and volume controls for android and I'll gladly buy it again!!!!

    • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

      Wierd. I'm having all the bug issues, but was able to turn it down...I've got the Samsung Intercept.

    • liz

      Hello, I have an iphone and I am trying to disable the sounds on Words with Friends. Did you manage to do this at all?


      • eileen

        Go to settings/notifications/wordswithfriends and you can turn off

  • Stephanie

    I can't even find it on the market. I guess it's not available for Motorola Backflip?

    • Kym

      Did you find it ?

      • Stephanie

        Nope. Can't find it.

        • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

          Did you try searching by free games/most popular?

  • portnoyd

    Can't disable annoying sounds, buggy and by Zynga? Lololol good luck with that.

    WordFeud all the way. Only complaint is that the bonus spaces are too close to each other but otherwise, it's perfect. While playing with iOS friends would be nice, I'm not giving up the Feud.

  • CHeryl

    I have two friends who have started games with me but it's not showing up on my list. One's on an iPhone and one's on an android. I'm on android. I don't understand why.

    • darlene

      you have to uninstall and reinstall again.

  • s-sayonara

    Xperia x10 - constant "Network Connection Error" and force closes allll the time. PLEASE FIX THISSS! Ive been waiting for this app for aaages, dissappointing!

    • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana


      • Eric

        SAME HERE, can someone please fix this, what can we do ?!?! D:

        • AL

          if you uninstall the game, and reinstall, sometimes it reloads lost/broken games. But, today, is the fourth time in as many days Ive had to uninstall and reinstall. which is A JOKE. If I didnt really like winning, I wouldnt bother roloading. I hope someone can fix the server issues SOON.

  • HTChero mad

    I was not able to find it on the market but was able to find in on appbrain. The problem is I cannot install it to my phone and dont understand why it is not installing.

  • e

    This sucks a big one! When I try to play on my droidx the game logs me on as my oponents and I can see all of their tiles. Also, when I try to change users I get a network error!?! Ridiculous!

  • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

    Well...we seem to be the Words With Friends Android Guinea Pigs! I downloaded it twice since it came out & have yet to play an actual game - apparently it was my turn once, but when I clicked on that, it popped up with a game for another user...

  • Felona

    Does anyone have an HTC Hero and downloaded WWF? I can't find it anywhere in the market

    • Marsha

      I have the htc hero and can't find it either. It unfortunate cause it's a real fun game...

  • Jeremy

    How do i add people to my contact list.... Inspire

  • TLF

    Okay, new bug on my EVO. I updated and since then, when I open a game there is complete gibberish on the board. It shows an almost completely full board on every game with nonsense words. When I back out and reload, it corrects the board. It is now happening every time...very frustrating. However, I am so incredibly happy that we finally have the app that I will be patient! :)

  • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

    It's finally working for me! Yay! The ads are annoying, but I'm willing to put up with that since it is a free game.

  • Mathew

    Very poor effort. Far too soon to release, even as a beta. Constant FC, far too many full screen ads, and with 10 games so far, I've not completed a single game without it giving a random result way before the end of the game. Phone adress list also random. Very very glitchy. 1/10.

    • Luke

      I have no issue with full screen ads for a free app. Understandable. I do though have a huge issue with the fact that all my games end prematurely saying that I lost.

      I agree with you Mathew. Very very glitchy. 3/10

  • Mathew

    Very poor effort. Far too soon to release, even as a beta. Constant FC, far too many full screen ads, and with 10 games so far, I've not completed a single game without it giving an incorrect random result, way before the game should end. Phone address list also random. Very very glitchy. 1/10.

  • D

    My phone has been acting up since downloading. I have had to "report" issues 3 times. It is not as good as iPhone version I had on iPhone and that was not a great app. On my DroidX it is trouble. I do love the game though.

  • Marsha

    I can't find it on my phone either. Guess lots of people are having the same problem? I have the htc hero and nothing. My husband can't find it either. Love this game too, play it on the ipod touch... too bad :(

    • Andrea

      I found it on a separate website and I downloaded it. When I went to install it, It says it cannot be installed on my phone. I have a Samsung Behold II.

      • Monique

        what other site did you find this on? Because I cant find on market place...

        • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

          Go to "Top Free" and it should be there on the first page.

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Just open this post in the mobile browser and click on the barcode or scan it with Barcode Scanner.

  • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

    For the most part, everything's been working fine for several days, but now it seems that some of my games are sort of frozen. I made my move, but it says it's still my turn...

    • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

      Still having this same issue...wish I could figure out how to reload or something - some of my games will sit there for a day or more saying it's my turn, even though I've already played. After one time where it lasted for a couple of days, I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling and that cleared it up.

  • BangPowBoom

    I still don't get notifications....... about one a week when it's not my turn

  • Bobby

    Im haveing problem with your app on my android !!! it keep bring me up to a broken link on my anddroid !!!! i neeeed your help please fixx!!!!!!!!! i can only play one game and after im done it would send me to a broken link oh that if im fast to click on a game tooo 1/10 PLEASE FIX)

  • Kris

    I like this game but I seem to have a problem no one else has mentioned - when playing with a friend (with the friend next to me, mind you that's how we figured it out) my screen and words look NOTHING like hers - she was missing the majority of the words, meanwhile, my screen had letters in random places that DON'T make words correctly so SHOULDNT be placed at all.

    Because of this it's impossible for me to play because god only knows what screen is correct.

  • TomD

    Still too many issues to make it a fully enjoyable experience. The Resign button is easily selected and confirmed - especially when combined with the regular screen freezes. I've had words denied only for me to exit the application, return and play the same word without problem! Also for those of us used to the Scrabble dictionary the words available seem very inconsistant. Acceptable everyday words (here in the UK) are often not allowed.

  • Rhonda

    Eagle and ledge are common enough words and yet, called unacceptable no matter how many times I exited and reentered the game. I have so enjoyed playing but I have to agree that these glitches make the experience frustrating.

  • hamjack

    I cant find any of the word games mentioned here. Wordsmith, Wordfued, or Words with Friends. I have Motorola Cliq XT.

  • heather

    I have a droid eris and cannot find it in the market.... found it on other websites and can't download it. Any suggestions?

  • Andrew

    I play on ipod 4g, my girlfriend plays on her droid 2G... I don't have issues, but she has LOADS of them. right now we have 3 games in progress because I will play a word and her android will never register that it is her move. three games- i have played last in all of them, yet her droid says it is my move. Yes, we've re-installed it. Yes, we've restarted the phone. Yes, we've checked for updates... so far it's been a pain in the ass. I'd like to finish a game for once.

  • http://www.carajouglardphotography.com Cara

    I have a Motorola Charm, I can't install it on my phone either, nor can I find it in the market. This sucks, because I love the game.

    And yes I've searched the whole market, it's NOT there.

    When I go to the App Market on my computer it gives me a message that it isn't compatible with my phone. Not liking this at all.

  • Me

    Level 3
    What version of Android are you running? You can check it via Menu > Settings > About Phone > Android version.

    Take a look at the current Android versions for Motorola Backflip in different countries: https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/manager/softwareupgrades As you can see, Motorola Backflip is running Android 2.1 only in USA and Android 1.5 in rest of the world.

    Words with Friends requires Android 1.6 and up to work: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.zynga.words. So if you have Android 1.5 and Words with Friends requires Android 1.6 then it will not show up for you on the market.

  • claudybee

    You can disable the sounds in account settings.

    It is buggy, games go missing & it does freeze at times. However its the ads that shit me to tears!

    I'd happily pay for an ad free version! Hurry up with that please!

  • http://www.sensationsofrain.wordpress.com Dana

    I am still having loading issues. Making a play is too often screwed up by "network connection" issues.

  • Kevin

    Installed it last night and so far been working great on my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. Playing with one of my Iphone friends and no problems.

  • http://www.fidoscan.com Bill

    Supper "buggy" on Moto DROID. Does not show opponents move unless we reboot our phones. Uninstalled until we hear better comments!

  • ginger

    I have the motorola citrus and can't get words with friends game. Help please. Thanks

  • Peter

    The Android version (Samsung S 9000) is without doubt the worst app I have ever used. Frequent crashing, slow and most of the time just doesn't work which is a pity.

    I have completely rebuilt my phone from scratch and the same problems still exist.
    1 star

  • Rick

    After an automatic fix after an error occured I accidentally relogged in with a different user name from the one I created originally. When I tried to log out of the new one and relog in to the correct one, I got a message saying that user name already existed. Went to WWF Q & A and found I wasn't the first. Problem is, there doesn't seem to be a way to log out of one and into another--at least I can't find the answer.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That's easy - just reinstall the app. Or go to Settings - Applications - Manage, find WWF and clear data.

    • Djones

      Did the same thing.... and worse, couldn't remember the password. All I did was contact Zynga thru the Market page for Words, and there was a highlighted link to Zynga. They emailed me back immediately, asked a few questions like my email # and old username. I replied with the answers and they sent me another email with a temporary password. They were very accommodating and quick to fix.

  • Christophe

    I was with you up until you said "addicting" instead of "addictive", at which point I clenched my fists so hard they exploded, so I'm having to type this with my tongue.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      "Addicting" is also a legitimate word that can be used in this contest, but as this site pointed out, "some people will scowl at you if you use it" and hey, they were right.

  • lilpantherpaw

    When will Zynga developers allow the Samsung Replenish phone onto the game? As of right now, we don't even see it in the Android Market. This sucks!

  • tori

    Ok my version is a 1.5 and its a blackflip...how do I upgrade to a 1.6?

  • Jennifer

    Can someone tell me how to get this on my Moment?

  • Lynn

    I once had this app and deleted it by mistake, now it is not in the market. Can't get it anywhere. I have the sony erickson experia X10. Please help me get it back.

  • Wendy

    I have enjoyed playing Words With Friends on my Android but would like to know how to get a paid version. I believe that there is one on the Iphone which is quicker.
    I would also like to say that I don't very often get notifications when its my turn on games. Hope this can be fixed.

  • Kris

    Anyone know when the ad free paid one is being released?

  • http://wordswithfriends nylac

    I can't find it any but online come on someone put it on there

    • Aj

      Just look harder guys... It's not rocket science. Do a more specific search under word games. Don't search by name. Lazy fools.

  • Grrr

    Doesn't work on HTC Wildfire... STILL, and the work-around on getjar.com doesn't seem to work anymore either.

    I'm stuck with an old version .apk that keeps trying to update itself but can't because I'm using a Wildfire! Makes playing a painful experience.

  • Destiny

    I have 5 games showing, but my other 3 games are not gone... are we only allowed to play 5 games at at time?

  • Marymary

    wondering why it is not compatible with a samsung replenish?

  • http://wordswithfriends showtyme000

    Same network errors repported for months. Ive reloaded the software 5 times no help. Nice game to be killed by all the bugs.

  • Kris-Kris

    Words with Friends does not download to the Samsung Replenish! Can you please make an app that works with it?

    • Jonny

      Download the latest version (4.0) to your pc. Transfer the file to your Samsung Replenish phones sd card. Run the file and install it. It works just fine, been playing for weeks.

      Word with friends DOES work on the Samsung Replenish. You just have to do a manual install. Very stupid of Zynga to not just list the replenish as compatible.

      • kim

        I've tried downloading it to my pc but I get directed to the zynga website which doesn't have a pc option and when I list my replenish it says its uncompatible. I am not very tech saavy so I could be doing something wrong. Any tips?

      • tyiesha

        I downloaded onto my phone but its only in my files

  • sierra

    It doesn't work for my motorola blur the black flip one I guess but is there any way to fix it so I can play!! its not even in my market but when I did find it it told me it wasn't compatible. Is there a way around that?

  • Metaldon

    Complete rubbish!!!
    Way to many ad's
    Forces closing
    Displays wrong scores
    No full version ANYWHERE!!!
    I have a new Galaxy S II...keeps crashing
    Should have stuck with iPhone :(

  • Jonny

    Wow. Come on guys. You are not very tech savy if u r not able to find the latest AD FREE version , FULL , for FREE. Do a little searching and manualy install it. NO BUGS !

    • http://www.facebook.com/devlin.reynard Devlin Reynard

      As you see also, most don't like to put any work into getting something to work right = they're not geeks or have to be, nor be fully tech savvy.. but one's work ethic n effort needs to improve greatly when it comes to today's latest technology.

      Laziness is pretty pitiful, imo. Most would be lost w/o people like us who can truly use the left side of their brain vs just cruise by on the right.. haha '-)


  • Jonny

    Also, there is a little app called ADFREE that not only removes and prevents ads from all apps, but also removes them from your browser !

  • Metaldon

    Jonny, searched and cant find mate. :(

  • Jonny

    You can download ad free here:
    Download it to your pc then transfer to SD and install. I would first remove old or ad bloated version first.

    Do the same, connect Replenish to PC via usb cable and choose "mass storage" option on your phone after doing so. This will list a new drive on your pc which is the sd card to your phone. Transfer the downloaded file to the card, then disconnect, browse your phones sd card and click to install words. It will work just fine then.

  • Jonny

    Forgot to mention, your phone may need to be rooted in order for the above ad free version to run. I am unsure of this though as mine is rooted.

  • Jackie

    I have the Droid X and I don't get any notifications what so ever :(

  • https://sites.google.com/site/urandroidfriend/ caringveesh


    download full version android application

  • Rebah67

    Can I play against a friend that has an Iphone 4 .. From Iphone to Android?

    • http://www.facebook.com/devlin.reynard Devlin Reynard

      you should via Facebook.. so make sure you both have a FB app on your phones.. tho w/some android cells, nothing will make WWF playable w/others.. the app is not compatible w/all androids or non-apple iphones.

  • Carlos

    My phone is apparently not compatible for this game which I think is stupid as my phone is simular to an iphone (sony ericsson X10i). How comes??

  • Sherrie

    The entire game board doesn't fit on the Vizio Tablet screen. To see the bottom half of the playing board, you have to widen the board (yes, widen!) and scroll down.

  • DNoland

    Can you get an ad free version of this app? I'll gladly pay to get rid of the ads, but can't find it in the Market. Friends who use apple have the option to pay for a version that is ad free... seems like zynga would roll this out for droid users too.

  • Nik

    I have the new kyocera Milano and the market says my phone is not compatible. My phone is an android 2.3.4 why is this not working

  • Nancy

    Can't get Words with Friends to open on my iPhone 3 -has been working fine for weeks then all of the sudden, everything else works fine on my iPhone but Words with Friends will not open! Arggg!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


  • dee

    i have an asus transformer, i can play wwf on it but not with my friends on facebook, i can play other fb games but not wwf direct, did i do something wrong or is it not capabe of playing

  • kel

    does anyone know if word with friends can be downloaded onto any android phone???

    • http://www.facebook.com/devlin.reynard Devlin Reynard

      No, WWF can Not be downloaded onto any or all phone types. Just a fact to know when purchasing a cellphone. Sorry, but I won't post any or all that are not compatible.. that would take me forever n I do have a real life.. so check w/friends to see what phones they are using to play the game or post a question asking for anyone to put what phone they have, that is able to add n play WWF, on your Facebook page. Would be the easiest way, possibly.

      Good Luck and I'll just stick with Apple/Mac products!! '-)

  • Anp

    I have a samsung Replenish and I couldn't find Words with Friends. Tried to do it off FB, but can't access on phone and never home enough to play on line. You can get Words with friend help (Not much of a help if you can't play). Very addictive game, but can't seem to find in the market place for phone

  • Steve

    I've become adicted to WWF. I am still trying to get it loaded on my new CRUZ tablet.
    I wish word definitions automatically displayed. Yes there are some that are accepted that I cannot find in a websters dictionary.

    • http://www.facebook.com/devlin.reynard Devlin Reynard

      there's a few specific WWF dictionaries w/searches n such + showing the 102 2 letter combos etc.. tho I'm not sure they are compatible w/an android tablet.

      Your best bet is adding a Scrabble dictionary, as it has similar acceptable words n definitions to WWF n won't be found in Webster's dictionary. Some words you also can find the definition on a Wikipedia app also.

      Good Luck!!

      Again to All.. Best to stick w/the original = Apple Products to avoid frustrations n problems w/compatibility. Nothing will beat an original, imo '-) *Devi*

  • Rick

    I there a pay versions so I don't get the ads?

  • Tammey

    Have a samsung galaxy 10.1 and when I go through my Facebook page and click on the Words with Friends I get this error message stating that the link is temp out or address is wrong. Downloaded WWF app and cannot connect with facebook and play my friends. ????

    • sharon

      I am upset with the same problem. Can't get it with my fb games I am already playing. Get same error message. Any way to fix?

      • Teri

        I have the same issue. Really aggravating, as I was looking forward to being able to play WWF mobile.

    • http://www.scentedwithlove.com Susan

      I get the same message... :-( AND it won't sync the android app with my active facebook games of WWFriends

    • http://www.facebook.com/devlin.reynard Devlin Reynard

      You all need to download the new android WWF app (+have the FB app) and play via that, if its compatible w/your various cellphone types. As the new android WWF is NOT compatible with ALL cellphone types. So do your research/check w/friends n see what type of phone or tablet they are using that is compatible or the WWF will work on. Post this question on your public facebook page for more input from others, as many use android phones.

      As said to another, I'll stick w/Apple-Mac products n not have the headaches others have by going android vs Apple products!! '-)

  • Mkara

    I have WWF on my Android, Acer Iconia Tablet. I have to report issues at least 8/10 times. And i want to know how to sync the WWF games i play on facebook, with the games i play on my Tablet. Please help!

  • Hannah Reeves

    Can NOT figure out how to download WORDS WITH FRIENDS on my Sprint Samsung Replenish...PLEASE HELP!! THANKS

  • Khalid

    Wen can I find it on the Samsung replenish

  • Luigi

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me with an issue im having. I have a brand new HTC Rezound, and any time i try to login to facebook in the words with friends app, it begins to load then kicks back out to game main screen and says "network error, please try again later." I have tried again later, and still nothing. I UN/RE-installed and still nothing. IDK why its having issues, but does let me sign in using an alternate email.

  • Lewis

    How do I sync Facebook contacts to a Sony tablet for wwf ? It works fine with my Samsung galaxy s2

    • http://www.facebook.com/devlin.reynard Devlin Reynard

      Make sure you have a Facebook app on your Sony tablet, else you won't be able to sync w/Facebook n your Facebook friends. You may have to enter either your WWF or Facebook "user name" and a password. *Note: it's always more secure to use a different password on any app vs one from an app already on your computer.. lil fyi '-)

      • Sarah

        actually my sg4 cost more than the iphone5, just fyi..

  • http://Wordswithfriends Lewis

    How do I sync my Facebook contacts to wwf on a sony tablet? It works fine on my Samsung galaxy s2

  • Clay

    I have a samsung replenish and WWF is not compatible with my device however it is a very new phone HELP

  • shirley

    Can't download words with friends on my phone,sph580 samsung,android

  • Jan

    I had installed WWF on my HTC Incredible S and it worked fine. We are now living overseas and had to reformat my phone for other reasons and now I can't find it in the Market anymore. Could be possible it's not available in SE Asia?

  • http://att Lori

    Can someone help me? Ihave Samsung Galaxy 10.1. I am not able to play Words With Friends on Facebook on the Galaxy I get an error about the web page Can anyone help me? Thank you

  • Kate

    It's not compatible with the T-Mobile HUAWEI Comet. That's my phone and it's really upsetting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/devlin.reynard Devlin Reynard

      You'll just have to play the game on your computer.. the android app or the apple app is not compatible w/all or any cellphone or tablet.

      So you only get for what you purchased.. aorry!

  • julia

    Could someone help please, i have an android phone which is a Samsung Y pay as you go, can you still down load Words with friends?

  • katie

    This game and other Zynga games will not download on my phone I'm very dissapointed bescause I love words with friends please fix :(.

  • Kim

    It is not compatible with my Samsung Dart!!! I just bought the phone new 2 weeks ago, thinking that since it was an android phone I would be able to install Words with Friends. :(

    • Kbeason

      I just bought a Samsung Dart 3 weeks ago and you still can't download it.

  • loumo

    How do I remove the annoying banner at the top of the screen when it is my opponents turn? It either says if I won or lost my last game or "Random opponent..." I paid for the version I have and don't expect crap on the screen blocking my view!

  • Lisa Toler

    I got a new android phone and downloaded Words with Friends...but when I try to log in through facebook I get an error saying the webpage at fbconnect://success#access_token=CAACZA15WgO4QBALJjk might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. I have no trouble logging into facebook, I just can't get the game to work. Any suggestions?

  • Sarah

    WWF works fine on the newer androids

  • Katy

    I am trying to re-install WWF on my HTC Detail, and I keep getting and error message that says package file is invalid. I've seen this message before, but when I tried again, it was able to install it. I'm on about the 10th try, and I keep getting the message. Anyone know what this means?

  • http://www.fastforwardblog.com/?author_name=pthornton Rotkapchen

    Why the heck does it not work with 4G?

  • jenny

    does anyone know if its possible to get running with friends on samsung galaxy 3?

  • Skyborn
  • roachelizabeth

    if your words with friends account got accidently connected to some ones face book account is there a way to get your account back so you can play your own friends

  • Kim

    Trying to download WWF on Dell Android Tablet - saying it is not available for download in my country? I am in Canada, and have it on my ipad. Suggestions?