If the latest iterations of the Snapdragon family have left you feeling hollow, lonely, and disappointed, we bring news to warm your MIPS-craving soul. In a move set to immediately banish the barely-available 45 nm MSM8260 from our minds, Qualcomm have just announced their Krait family. This series of 28 nm chipsets tops out at four 2.5 GHz CPU cores and a matching quartet of 3D processors, utilizing the latest in the Adreno GPU family.

What kind of performance can you expect from these? Well, QC state that performance will jump by 150%, along with a 65% reduction in power consumption - and that's just the CPU. The new Adreno 320 is slated to trounce the original Adreno 200 with up to 15X performance in graphical processing, rivalling current home consoles.


Along with these highly impressive figures, we have compatibility for a collection of new components such as NFC and stereoscopic 3D recording and playback, plus the typical GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity we all expect.

The earliest sign of this new force in mobile computing should appear with the MSM8960 (dual-core, Adreno 225) some time later this year, but you'll have to hold tight for the killer APQ8064 (quad-core, Adreno 320) until the eternity away that is 2012. You're such a tease, Qualcomm.

Source: AnandTech; Engadget

Press Release: Qualcomm

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    thanks a lot! very useful the information with chipsets!

  • Chris


    Phones with equal graphics to current consoles? Hell yeah!

    I'm a PC gamer and, as such, love graphics and performance hardware.

    How long before HTC cram this behind a 4.3" screen?

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    This will be the next iteration of the EVO BRAND in 2012. This years EVO 3D has been a great device so far but looking forward to he next iteration of evo can only be that much more better...

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    Loving my Rezound - can't wait to see what's next!