MWC has officially started, and one of the first press conferences of this massive mobile event is from Samsung, still going on live as I'm writing this. Samsung's first announcement: Galaxy S II, which was fully expected to be revealed based on various leaks and Samsung's own preview ads throughout the past few weeks.

Update: Unconfirmed word on the street is that the S 2 will be carried by only T-Mo and AT&T.

Update #2: Samsung launched the official Galaxy S II site.

Update #3: The full press conference video is now available here: http://bcove.me/3zv3basr.

So, what is the Galaxy S 2? Here are the specs:

  • GT-I9100
  • Android Gingerbread (2.3)
  • Dual-core 1 GHz CPU (not Tegra 2)
  • TouchWiz 4.0
  • Super AMOLED Plus 4.3" 800x480 screen
  • 8.49mm thick
  • Weighs 116g
  • Assisted GPS
  • 8MP rear camera with LED Flash and 1080p 30fps recording
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • microSD card slot
  • NFC support
  • Bluetooth 3.0+HS
  • HSPA+ 21Mbps
  • 1650 mAh battery
  • WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz for 802.11n and 2.4GHz for the rest)
  • Samsung AllShare technology
  • WiFi Direct (sharing without the need for a WiFi access point)
  • Samsung Kies 2.0, Keys Air
  • Voice Commander powered by Vlingo
  • Social Hub, Readers Hub, Game Hub, Music Hub
  • Cisco WebEx-powered
  • Strong enterprise security and encryption features powered in part by Sybase

The Galaxy S 2 is expected to hit the market as early as this month in Europe and Asia (the U.S. release was not mentioned).

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Press Release:

Samsung announces the GALAXY S II, World's thinnest Smartphone that Will Let You Experience More with Less
Global launch of Samsung's most powerful smartphone delivers unmatched performance with a Dual-Core application processor and best-in-class viewing experience by Super AMOLED Plus display in sleek and lightweight design
BARCELONA, February 13, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced the Samsung GALAXY S II (Model: GT-I9100), a beautifully thin (8.49mm) and lightweight, dual-core smartphone that combines an unmatched viewing experience with incredible performance.

The Samsung GALAXY S II uses Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread, the latest version of the world's fastest-growing mobile operating system. The next generation smartphone includes access to Samsung's four new content and entertainment hubs, seamlessly integrated to provide instant access to music, games, e-reading and social networking services.
"In 2011, we will take Samsung's leadership in Speed, Screen and Content to a whole new level," said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung's Mobile Communications Business. "With the GALAXY S II, Samsung wants to set the new standard of quality viewing on mobile, powerful performance, and slim and modern design."
"GALAXY S II is a natural and powerful evolution of GALAXY S. Building on the phenomenal success of the original Samsung GALAXY S, we are proud to unveil the ultimate smartphone. Consumers no longer have to contain themselves – the Samsung GALAXY S II allows them to design their own smart lives."
"We're pleased to see Samsung bring another Android-powered device to market to help grow the Android ecosystem," said Andy Rubin, Vice President of Engineering at Google.

Powerful Performance
Incorporating a dual-core application processor and advanced wireless network (HSPA+ 21) connectivity, the Samsung GALAXY S II has the speed and power to provide an unrivalled mobile performance. Dual-core application processor delivers compelling features such as fast web browsing, multi-tasking comparable to a PC-like environment, supreme graphics quality and instantly responsive 3D user interface on the large screen. The GALAXY S II also delivers seamless multitasking, switching between applications instantly. Superior 3D hardware performance makes games and video incredibly fast and smooth.
With super-fast HSPA+ connectivity, the GALAXY S II offers rapid mobile download speeds while BlueTooth® 3.0+HS considerably reduces data transfer times.
The Samsung GALAXY S II has been equipped with an 8MP, high-profile camera and camcorder with 1080p full HD recording and playback. With Samsung's patented AllShare technology, customers can capture, create and then share their experiences hassle-free.

A Next Level of Viewing Experience
The Samsung GALAXY S II has been equipped with Samsung's new crystal-clear Super AMOLED Plus screen, the most advanced mobile visual display ever created. Setting the standard of quality viewing on mobile, Super AMOLED Plus introduces the best in quality in color gamut, contrast ratio and edge sharpness. Using RealStripe screen technology and a greatly increased sub-pixel count, Super AMOLED Plus complements the mechanics of the human eye to recognize images look clearer and more detailed than ever before. With a wider viewing angle and increased visibility in outdoor, the Samsung GALAXY S II provides a more vibrant viewing experience than any other mobile devices.
Even with its unrivaled performance, the innovative Super AMOLED Plus display does not compromise battery performance. A significant reduction in power consumption from Super AMOLED display means it is also more energy-efficient than other comparably-sized devices, allowing Samsung to minimize device weight.

Samsung GALAXY S II Goes to Work
Samsung has introduced a new range of enterprise mobility solutions, expanding the business capabilities of the Samsung GALAXY S II and helping enterprise customers empower a flexible and connected mobile workforce. Samsung has partnered with IT industry leaders to offer the most relevant enterprise solutions to the Samsung GALAXY S II, working seamlessly on the Android Gingerbread platform and paying special attention to securing data and network. These solutions include enhanced conferencing and connectivity services from Cisco, the most comprehensive mobile implementation of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and secure remote device management from Sybase.

A New World of Entertainment and Smarter Interaction
Samsung has selected the Samsung GALAXY S II as its premium mobile product with which to launch Samsung Hubs – integrated mobile applications designed to fit every element of your life. With Samsung Hubs, the Samsung GALAXY S II delivers rich catalogues of books and magazines, music, advanced mobile games and control of your online social life, all from a single device.
• Social Hub Premium: The future of communication – talk to whoever you want, however you want, all from one place – your contact's list. Communication history, IM status, and updates from social networking sites are all readily available. From here, users can access all types of messages (push e-mail, text, VM and SNS) and respond directly without resorting to individual applications. It truly acts as a hub for entire social life.
• Readers Hub: Carry an enormous library of books, magazines and newspapers on-the-go. Through strategic partnerships, Samsung Readers Hub provides over 2.2 million books and novels, 2,000 global and local newspapers in 49 languages and 2,300 popular magazines in 22 languages.
• Game Hub: The easiest way to download and play best-in-class mobile games. Featuring a 3-axis gyroscopic sensor, the Samsung GALAXY S II unleashes a world of gaming possibilities. Try for free and download premium titles from partners like Gameloft, or 'enjoy Social Network Games (SNG) powered by mobage including ngmoco's We Rule and We City'.
• Music Hub: Make Samsung GALAXY S II a personal music manager and access over 12 million tracks from 7digital. Discover what's hot from top charts, search for favorite music, get recommendations on albums, enjoy previews and download them directly to Samsung GALAXY S II.
The Samsung GALAXY S II gives customers more choice in personalizing their smartphone experience. New for the Samsung GALAXY S II, Samsung has introduced Live Panel, a service that aggregates live web and application contents to a single customizable home-screen. Customers can design the lay-out of their own Live Panel, online services and mobile apps to appear on-screen. SNS feeds, information and many more applications can all be embedded and accessed instantly through the magazine-like layout.
With the enhanced voice technology on the Samsung GALAXY S II, customers will be able to do more with less. From opening the app to controlling the messaging, social media, email and calling, Samsung Voice Solution will recognizes voice and convert it to text and vice versa. Customized Voice Translation application makes the Samsung GALAXY S II the perfect travel companion, translating voice or text into - and from - a range of languages: simply speak a word or phrase into the handset and it will instantly translate it, with audio and text output.

For swift and simple device management, Samsung has introduced Kies Air. With Kies air, consumers can manage their smartphone contents from their PC, via local WiFi connections. download photos taken on the built-in camera, listen to music, check missed calls and send messages in the web browser on their PC. For added connectivity, WiFi Direct allows consumers to connect to wireless-enabled PCs and printers without the need for wireless access points. According to market requirement, the GALAXY S II is able to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to support emerging mobile payment service and other services with mobile operators.

The GALAXY S II is exhibited at Hall #8, Mobile World Congress 2011.
For multimedia content and more detailed information, please visit www.samsungunpacked.com/press.

Source: MWC live Samsung broadcast, Engadget

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  • Digitalthug

    Wow, amazing specs. Only thing I dont like is the 800x480 res, should have been higher :( And where's the info on the RAM?

    • Eric

      Honestly, I think I would rather a SAMOLED+ art WVGA than an LCD at qHD. Even standard SAMOLED I felt compared well to the iPhone screen. It obviously lost in sharpness, but nearly every other quality was superior. The + part just gives it's biggest weakness a huge boost. I may have to buy an iPhone 5 when it comes out, so I can sell it and buy one of these :p Yay profitable fanboys.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Amazing specs sans TouchWiz 4.0. If this thing ran pure Android, I would have killed to have it.

      • Eric

        As a galaxy S owner, there are a lot of things to like about TW as long as you replace the launcher. Heck, CM took a few features from it.

        • http://www.myrecipebookspace.com Alec5216

          That't a good point. I love being able to change brightness by sliding along the notification bar and swiping on contacts to dial/text.

  • shadowjin

    Im skipping this phone.. i see there still running kies. (they dont support 64bit PC's)

    • UnTitleD

      Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with samsung kies and running fine, I don't see your point

      • shadowjin

        I got rid of my of my samsung Vibrant (US) kies doesn't support 64 bit. this was on November btw. I dont see your point.. even Samsung US stated its 32bit. Even a messaged poped up saying Kies only works on 32bit not 64.

      • Ken

        It doesnt support US 64 bit machines.. for some strange reason.. at least last year. One of the biggest complaints was it didnt support 64bit on the Vibrant USA. I got rid of mine for the same reason and there slow updates

    • Eric

      You're reading an android blog. Are you telling me you would rely on getting the official kies update? If you can't get that pile of trash to work, wait 4 hours for a CWM flashable version?

  • Flashfox

    Samsung Galaxy S II WiFi on 5 GHz only? Very odd. Are you sure they are not referring to "N" as only supporting 5 GHz ("A") is crazy? The vast majority of Hot Spots support 802.11b/g with some supporting "N". Very few support "A".

  • http://www.rockeboymedia.com Eric W.

    Pretty awesome specs. I'm sticking to my slow Droid 2 for now - can't get used to the idea of a soft keyboard. But might have to if amazing phones like these keep coming out - especially LTE phones...

  • Eggcake

    The most important thing is that they finally got rid of the PenTile Matrix.

  • kris

    Ram specs please!!!!!

  • svengalis

    Only other thing that would make this phone perfect is an HDMI port. Very nice specs otherwise.

    • shadowjin

      Theres a high probability they will use screen share instead of direct connect HDMI.

  • Astria

    so, will this go beyond GBread? or are users stuck with it forever?

    not considering Samsung unless this can be settled...

  • Chris

    The Galaxy S 2 or the Moto Atrix? Decisions, decisions...

  • Ruperto

    Why did they get rid of the search button?? It takes away from the Android experience, IMO.

    • cowgaR

      I have NEVER used search on my Galaxy TAB, I almost forgot it is there ;-)

      so good they got rid of it...
      //well you could configure the button to whatever you want, but TAB is a bit bigger then phone, and it is awkward to have small touch buttons.

      //hence, I like the design with HOME in the middle and settings&back on sides...

      //nVidia tegra2, superb choice! (unlike the tablet)

      • cowgaR

        well engadget did a mistake in a video and according to information on the web, it will use dual-core 1GHz Samsung chip (Exynos) so no Tegra 2 here.

        Which locks any custom firmwares, as even now Cyanogen isn't keen of supporting "niche" Samsung chip market, so no Cyanogen 7 on Galaxy S.

        Tegra2 will be mainstream and I assume we will soon see CyanogenMod 8 with Honeycomb (say Moto Atrix), but no-one will be interested in supporting this obscure HW specification.

        And everyone knows the software support of Samsung is almost not-existent (owning galaxy tab, tens of update still not even android 2.2.2).

        • Eric

          Some misinformation here.

          1) No CM7 on SGS? You'd be wrong, it's currently in alpha. There are test releases out now, though they aren't daily drivers yet.

          2)Software support of samsung small based on a Galaxy Tab? Lol. You bought an obscure device. Sorry. The Galaxy S line, with 10 million sold, has many many devs in it's fold with great support.

      • Eric

        Search button is super useful. Especially since long press search is remappable

        • cowgaR

          1...well any button is remappable, depends on the device, but search is the least used on mines.

          2. well, Galaxy S had so many problems I won't go into this (from not working GPS to screwed rfs & lagfix affairs). Probably the most problematic Android device out there, but thanks God for it, sold in milions (ten M,last time I checked). Milions of ppl were waiting on 2.2 (there were 3 official promises all the time delayed from Samsung when you could run unofficial builds already) and then on 2.3 Samsung said something - "new system came out, delayed again".
          After many months users (in some regions) are still stuck with 2.1!!!!

          Don't tell me Samsung is updating its HW, it is the most screwed company in that regard! The problem here is, with qualcom chipset you get much better unofficial base that with Samsung Hummingbird one.

          Samsung wants you to buy new HW to get new SW. But having 2.2.2 or 2.3.2 is crucial because of the SMS bug.

          3. well you're right, I've been following CM but missed that part they're hacked Samsung chips inside (I got bad impression with Galaxy Tab CM affair which is internaly almost identical to SGS).

          4. Galaxy Tab was "first" proper Android tablet, so what should I have bought? Apple iPad? Kidding are we? I rather end up with extremely popular Tegra, not to be depended on Samsung obscure chips again. In theory, porting Android 3.0 to Atrix (from Xoom) should be an easy ride.

          5. Moto Atrix all the way, I've just read the review. Too bad it will come in May to UK (but I assume Android 3.0 will be already there, with full HW acceleration).

          way too go android

      • Paul S.

        I use my search button all the time for Google Voice Actions...

  • UnZ

    Did anyone yell out "Is GPS actually going to work?" or "Will it get updates after 2.3?"