The gang at AndIRC - lead by Jamzelle and TheEndGame7 - has already managed to completely root the HTC Thunderbolt, and with Koush's help, has ClockworkMod Recovery up and running on the device. Apparently, it was a surprisingly easy task in just about every way.

The team started with a pre-production, unbranded Thunderbolt running a January 3rd ROM. What they found was that the phone had a bootloader with S-OFF, although they note that it's not an engineering bootloader, and that it's likely a different one than production models will ship with. Even more surprisingly, the phone had no write protection. In other words, they have full write access to the system and recovery; the phone is "split wide open."

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They also noted that the phone is vulnerable to multiple exploits, so that gaining root isn't difficult. We'll have more details on the root method shortly before the phone is released. Further, they mentioned that Hotspot is working just fine, meaning the rumors claiming that some sort of Hotspot issue was causing the delay are false.

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Mandatory blurrycam YouTube video verifying root using Root Checker:

Interested in more? They invite serious devs to head over to irc.andirc.net #thunderbolt (or use fossnet's webchat gateway) for access to files, and possibly the phone itself.

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Dave

    I hope this applies to production models. Still waiting on the Bionic, but we will see. If the Bionic. Hopefully they leave motoblur off! If it is full of that moto-crap I will seriously consider the TB!

  • Ron H in Schenectady

    It's the Thunderbolt for me all the way. I'll NEVER buy another Moto device again unless it's completely blurless. The Droid Pro has absolutely no development happening, so I've been stuck with crappy Motoblur; LauncherPro makes the thing hang and freeze. Had an HTC Incredible, which truly lived up to its name so it's back to HTC for me.

    • K

      HTC FTW! I have the incredible as well and really don't feel the love for the various offerings from Moto and Samsung. It's going to take a lot to get this phone out of my hands. But the Thunderbolt looks promising.

  • Nick

    HTC rules, MOTOROLA drools.
    What's sad is that I'm posting this using my MOTOROLA droid X.

  • Frank

    And this why its HTC forever. Fuck Sammy and Moto.

  • Deathshead

    Thats great and all, but this phone still 12 months late to the party... Kind of like people buying verizon iphones...

    • Nebbors

      How is this 12 months Late? It will be the first 4g phone on Verizon?
      Please think before you troll.