If one thing can put an end to rumors, it's the official Best Buy weekly ad - the one you get in print from the store. Unfortunately, this time, all the rumors turned out to be correct. Namely:

  • As rumored, Motorola XOOM is indeed going to cost $799 and will require a 1-month data package to unlock WiFi. February 24th remains the go-live date. Anyone still up for picking it up? Oh, and the same spelling errors are still present (/sigh).
  • HTC Thunderbolt's regular, off-contract price is also confirmed at $749.99, just like we told you yesterday. Bummer. 2-year contract price is still $249.99. No details on the date in the ad, but February 24th is still the latest word.

The whole gadget business is starting off a bit on the expensive side this year, isn't it?

image image

Source: Droid-Life [1] [2]

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  • Rory

    Not at that price.... BOOOOOO

  • Joe

    LOL, and they STILL haven't fixed the multiple typos in ad. Nice job Best Buy.

  • Nathan

    i still think this ad is fake. too many easy spelling mistakes and it's rare for an ad (outside of black friday) to be leaked more than a week early. and this ad was leaked almost 3 weeks early.

    stores normally get the next weeks ad on Wednesday to friday, not weeks before hand. and again, i've never seen spelling mistakes that bad on the main page.

    also, another point which no android blog seems to have mentioned, a wi-fi only xoom just passed the FCC, which makes this ad look even more fake IMO.

    Why would they force people into a one month contract to activate wifi, when theres a an actual wi-fi only version coming.


    • Joe

      Hmm, good point, I was wondering the same thing, considering this photo of a "printed" version of the ad would have us believe that Best Buy would still have all of those many typos go to print, and not to mention the wifi point you raise. Not truly believing any of these prices until the REAL ad hits Best Buy's website on the 20th (a week from Sunday).

    • Nathan

      another reason i think it's fake is that that page it's on is either the last page (back) of the ad, or randomly somewhere inside.

      Now your trying to tell me that the Xoom will not get the front page ad for that week?

      The first android tablet, and a best buy exclusive? thats front page.

      • Joe

        Another good point ;)

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        It's possible that the first page also mentions the XOOM and this page is where all the details are introduced. Otherwise, it seems exactly the same as the version Engadget posted, plus the part about Tbolt that Engadget didn't have. It could have come from the same source, which would explain the typos, and we might see them fixed by the time it is mass printed, but I don't think they will change the price.

        • Nathan

          very possible, and if i'm wrong i'm wrong. just too many strange things about it.

          the thunderbolt is believable because we've seen separate price leaks, but this is the only price leak of the xoom, and the two pictures are not from the same page.

          but in the end it dosn't really matter. we'll find out within a week, and theres a hopefully a cheaper wi-fi only version coming as well.

          who needs 3g when i can just connect with my N1. that gets better data speeds than verizon anyway lol

    • Eric

      Thank you! I've been blogging this silly ad for days now. I agree, I think its either fake or a way early draft.

  • Joe

    And yes I'll still be buying the Xoom. A little pricey, but a bad ass piece of hardware I've been waiting for for a long, long time.

    • Goku

      I second that... 3 times.
      Been waiting for this for the better part of a year.
      Price is high, but not high enough to keep me away. And I think Moto is betting that a lot of Android users will do the same

  • http://www.milfhunter.com Al Bundy

    I think I'll stick with my $300 Galaxy tab, throw a honeycomb ROM on that bad boy and it should last for a while. I can't believe that Moto is dumb enough to launch an iPad competitor at $300 premium, and people are complaining abut the Apple tax lol.

  • PeterF

    I just bought an HP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC for $850 on eBay.
    This is how much this stupid tablet will cost after tax.
    That is ridiculous.

    • Nathan

      enjoy your 5 hour battery life. with the wi-fi off.

      me and the other android tablet owners will enjoy our 10+ hour battery life with hd video and wi-fi on.

      • PeterF

        Enjoy paying $800 for a weak Smartphone OS tablet.

        Smartphone OS tablets aren't worth any more than $200. They do the same shit as your phone, on a larger screen.

        I don't see how they can get away with charging so much. Does anyone honestly believe the components in a XOOM cost anywhere near the components in a Tablet PC? Why can you get a full features Tablet PC for the same price as a smartphone OS tablet?

        Why do they charge $800 for a piece of hardware which runs on a $30 system-on-a-chip and $30 screen?

        • Nathan

          not worth more than $200? do you even know how much a phone costs now? any phone, off contract costs around $500+ So your telling me that a tablet, off contract, built with the same materials, but 4 times the size, should be $300 cheaper than my phone?

          Sorry but the world doesn't work like that.

          And windows 7 sucks on a tablet. it has crappy battery life, crappy touch support, and just is all around crap.

          Now windows 8, which will be ARM based, will run a lot better, and get more than 3 hours of battery life.

          Am i saying that the Xoom is worth $800, hell no. The iPad wasn't worth the $600 when it came out, but it didn't change anything.

          This is basically a new device, the first time that it's been main stream, so prices are going to be high.

          And the Xoom, and other android tablets are capable of more than any laptop i've seen for $800 or less. And i own one of them.

        • PeterF

          Phones are extremely overpriced, too.
          I just have to pay it because I don't want to carry two separate things.
          Look at the iPod Touch. Exact same hardware as the iPhone minus the cellular radio and costs $400 less. Does a cellular radio cost $400? No, it does not. It costs $30.

  • Lil Tyrone

    I'll wait a few months when the prices drop after all you suckas drop your bread

    • Kenneth P

      agreed.....same thing happens with any new hardware...the price will drop anyway... im looking out for a eee pad

  • DavidR

    In California this means you get to pay $75.00 dollars in retail taxes even if they give the phone for free! Almost worth a trip to Vegas go get one.

  • Harey Baols

    Boycotting Motorola for life. These guys just don't get it.

  • Squid

    ditto! ditto! ditto!

  • havekk

    In regards to the price, its only about $150 more then the 3g ipad, and has much better hardware. And to the stupid bastard talking about the smartphone os... 3.0 was made for tabs and I would take it over windows anyday of the week. I don't even use windows on my home pc.

    • Nathan

      the issue with comparing it to the iPad is that were comparing it to the 2010 version, and theres a new version coming.

      now i don't think it'll happen. but if they make an ipad cheaper than $500 then these super expensive android tablets are going to be finished very fast.