Twitter for Android has just been updated, taking a jump from version 1.0.5 all the way to 2.0. Based on the change log, it looks like the jump is well deserved:

Recent changes:

All new version!
- Easier navigation and layout
- Scan your contacts to find friends that are on twitter (under search screen)
- Universal search
- Local trends
- Autocomplete @usernames while tweeting
- Easier photo uploading
- Faster tweet actions (reply, retweet, follow, etc.)

Latest version: 2.0.0 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

twit2_1 twit2_2 twit2_3

Nothing revolutionary, but certainly some pretty significant changes in the right direction. You can update by heading to the market, or you can scan the handy-dandy barcode below.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twitter.android

[Source: Android Market]

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  • http://www.acollectorsguide.com Peel

    These are some old old old screens. New screens and a video are in the market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.twitter.android

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Weird, that's where I got these SS's and the update description. Guess the SS's hadn't updated yet. I've updated the post, thanks!

  • https://twitter.com/kseistrup Klaus Alexander Seistrup

    Twitter 2.0 can still handle only one single twitter account.

    /me is uninstalling Twitter 2.0…

  • Codexx

    It's a little late. They've already lost me to Tweetdeck which also leave a nice little widget on my phone. Best Twitter client I've used has to be the one on my BlackBerry Storm though.