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First it was a mystery. Then it was the 14th of February. After that, it was indeterminately postponed. And now, Android Central is reporting that the Thunderbolt will finally launch on February 24th.

This lines up perfectly with Droid Life's earlier speculations, though of course, it's always possible that Verizon will push the date back yet again. Because, you know, it's not like anyone is eagerly awaiting the carrier's first 4G phone or anything.

Update: Things are looking even more certain now: BGR has also been told that the Thunderbolt will be released on the 24th. Mark your calendars!

Source: Android Central Forums via Android Central

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Jakob

    Sure this Phone will be a nice and promising new 4G phone, but it's the first on this network. You know right after this one is released there will be the next 4G phone that is even better, and quite possibly the first dual core 4G Verizon phone.

    I'd wait :)

    • James

      EVO 4G 2? Yes please! ;)

  • Jason

    Yes because Verizon wants to make fanboys happy with their new iPhones. :/

    • James

      Um, okay. Not quite sure what this means. You don't improve their experience by not releasing a phone. Besides, iPhone 5 is where it's at, not the 4.

  • Anom

    Why did Best Buy tell me it was being released on the 14th today then? 2/10/2011

    • Coldman

      They jumped the gun?

    • Alex

      Maybe they wanted to steal your money fast!