The Thunderbolt just can't come soon enough, can it? It seems we've been talking about this beast forever, and Best Buy even officially announced pre-orders, but the uncertainty regarding the actual release date has been killing us. Is it the 14th, the 24th, or something else?

And now it's not the only thing killing us - a tip confirmed by 2 sources points to a whopping $749 full retail price of the Thunderbolt, at least judging by the information currently in Best Buy's systems.

Earlier today, Droid Attic posted a snap of what looked like an internal Best Buy Thunderbolt page, listing $749.99 as its full price. See the cursor next to "VZW"? A careful commenter pointed out that this disproves the photo's authenticity because that field is not supposed to be editable.

However, after doing some digging of our own, we have indeed confirmed that the $749.99 price point was legitimate and is currently towering above all off-contract smartphones we can imagine. Have a look at this:


Anyone planning to do upgrade to this device before contract expiration should now probably think twice, if the $749.99 price ticker does not change by launch date. What say you, readers - is Best Buy aiming a bit too high here?

Artem Russakovskii
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  • HTCwtf

    I appreciate this phone has some power but have they gone mad? The XOOM and now Tbolt, these better not be the final prices.

  • D.G.

    I am not on Verizon but if I were the answer would be a very loud "HELL NO"! That's friggin insane. I understand its dual core and all but dual core is new and wont be without its flaws for a while. Some will buy it at that price just to say they have it but common lets be for real.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Actually, Thunderbolt is not even dual-core. :-S

      • D.G.

        oops my bad. That makes the price even worse if you ask me.

    • A.Y.

      "Some will buy it at that price just to say they have it". Sounds alot like any Apple device

    • B.O.B.

      HTC thunderbolt isn't even dual core... will definitely be the full 2 year contract before i decide to switch....

  • Phil

    Gotta be a mistake.

  • ryan

    the most ive seen a phone for oof contract is $499 and i thought that was insane this is............"trying to think of a good word"..........thier no way verizon is going to sell the thunderbolt for more than the 250 on contract price..which was listed before...idk who would buy tis off contract :?

  • Mr.Salve

    These people are getting crazy with the pricing. I know its new tech. but come on.

  • GRF

    I was seriously considering upgrading from my original Droid, but not at that price! Guess I'll wait another 6 months until my contract is up.

    • CB

      Same here, I was fully ready to plunk down $600 at Best Buy to take advantage of their buy back offer, but $750 is just to much

  • Jon

    It says it will be on stock on February 14th!

    Check out the Wirefly webpage too. In the q&a about pre ordering the tbolt it says it will ship on the 13th which they say is the official verizon launch day. But they do say it is subject to change.

  • Omen87

    Assuming the other figures on that screenshot are correct, then there is no way it will release at $749. If cost is $385, that is a nearly 200% mark up. If employee cost is really $404.25, there is not a chance it will release at $749. If it is released at that price it will be priced out of the market and will not sell.

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

    I worked @ best buy for many years, I can confirm that is their systems, it's legit. :( Not that I care, I dislike Verizon and it's charge for everything policy. Tmo forever (for now). :-P Anyone look and see what the MSRP is on HTC's site? EDIT: Price isn't up on HTC's site yet.

  • Vic

    I would just like to point out that the dimensions on the screen shot are the same as the incredible. The thunderbolt will be the same or close to the evo which is 4.8x2.6x.52. Something doesn't add up...

  • Rob

    It seems like no one understands that phones are HEAVILY subsidized. Do you really think the IP4 is only $199 or $299 for the 32GB model ($649 and $779 on newegg).

    Looking at Android phones on Newegg the DX is $599.99 full price, DI is $549.99, EVO 4G is $649.99, and the 4G Shift is $449.99. Also the Nexus S is listed as $676, Desire HD is $799.99.

  • alex

    so much for 15% being a fair and profitable margin in the US 100% or bust says ripoff buy

  • muuusab

    hi ..
    i'm not from america .. say if i bought it without contract .. $750 .. does it will be working in my country .. ??

  • mort

    Cursor next to VZW? What?

  • Mike

    I think i will stick with my DX for a LONG time and be keeping my netbook also. Phuck those prices they want

  • TO

    This only means one thing...HTC really does not want anyone to buy their phone!