With many Cliq XT users threatening to walk after Motorola’s Eclair update fiasco, T-Mobile is feeling quite sympathetic. In an effort to prevent more customers from cancelling and subscribing elsewhere, T-Mobile is now offering Cliq XT users some form of compensation through their Customer Loyalty department. Due to the proposed confidentiality of the memo the exact incentive is unknown. Cliq XT users are encouraged to call and find out what’s the best they can get to remain loyal to the purple T.


Source: TmoNews

  • Jes

    This... now this peaks my interests. Have a cliq XT, will investigate this.

  • lilafc

    I was told that the email was a fake today when I called in, think I will try again with another phone call.

  • Josue Alamo

    I have a Cliq XT myself and am going to see what I can grab this weekend. Various comments at TmoNews shows some are getting stuff like full discount phone prices and free accessories.

  • Joeschmoe

    They offer discount pricing and early upgrade for those on a 2 year contract and motorola is giving away free bluetooth headsets. Too bad I don't get the discount. But I'm snatching the headset and upgrading to a my touch 4g with a 2 year contract with discounts.