AT&T’s announced pricing for the Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock left much of the community scratching their heads. $500 for a gutless laptop? Though the docking capability is innovative, many were put off and vocal of steering clear of the Atrix altogether. Forbes reached out to AT&T for some commenting and were delivered this message from VP Mike Woodward:

“With all the integration between the phone and the dock, you can do more on an Atrix than you can on a netbook,” Woodward explained. “Other devices that try to do this just give you ‘mirror mode.’”


I’d like to point out that the laptop dock is entirely dependent on the Atrix for function. There are no real moving parts. There is no processor on the laptop dock. No RAM. No hard drive.

AT&T’s required plans for the dock also leave a bad taste in the mouth. Those who purchase the dock from AT&T must sign on for two years with a DataPro Tethering plan, which has a meager 4GB download limit and will cost $45 a month.

AT&T seems confident its subscribers will take the Atrix phone and dock combo for $500 over other viable options such as netbooks and tablets, which are priced around the same amount and don’t require a phone to use. It’s a gutsy situation, and consumers will get the chance to vote with their wallets upon release.

Source: Phandroid via Electronista

  • TareX

    Oh so it does video chats? No? That's about the most important think I do on my laptop when I'm out of town...

  • Wineaux

    I was SO hyped up for an Atrix and its various accessories, but now... Guess we'll have to see how long it takes for some serious discounting to go on. Motorola has been known to offer some really great deals on their phones in order to get people to buy them. We'll have to see how long it takes them to force AT&T to start offering some serious bundle deals.

  • mike Slucke

    what a ripoff just like ATT

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I think Atrix as a phone is amazing, but the laptop accessory at more than $150-200 is a gimmick. And setting the price of the phone+dock combo and the dock itself both to $500 is the oldest trick in the book to force you to buy now.

    The dock is innovative but at this point it's not a technology that is ready for consumption.

    Will Motorola support apps for the webtop past the period of time that they seem to care about released phones (which seems to be about 6-9 months)? Webtop runs Linux but can you install Linux apps on it?

    And again, $500? Come on.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      >> Will Motorola support apps for the webtop past the period of time that they seem to care about released phones (which seems to be about 6-9 months)?

      Don't even go there. You'd better be thinking how many OS updates you would get from the Atrix. Which means, a $500 accessories for something that Motorola would definitely abandon after, at most, 1 year.

  • mark gold

    I was waiting for att to get some nice android phones that can compete with the iPhone. I was also waiting for Motorola to bring something nice to the table. They did with the atrix.... when I first saw it I was so excited. But when I saw the pricing... give me a break. who are they fooling.. only themselves!! It just does not add up! The laptop doc should be given away free with a tethering plan... or should cost a$300.00 and not require a tethering plan.

  • Sawdust

    Played with the accessories (not live) at my ATT store yesterday. They look and feel great. I love the concept of one single device for phone, netbook, entertainment, car GPS, even my alarm clock! Worth the money if it's good, but the reviews sound less than impressive - sluggish. Maybe I'll go with the phone and HD dock, wait to see on the laptop dock.

  • Josue Alamo

    I'd rather grab a Nook Color at that price along with a netbook.

  • http://www.chromebook.dk Philip

    Joshue is getting the point in a nutshell when he says that "consumers will get the chance to vote with their wallets".
    The price of the laptop dongle is outside any reasonable range and is an attempt to see if any consumers will be stupid enough to pay that amount of cash for something - just because it's unique. PLEASE let Motorola and ATT learn the lesson by refusing this pricing scheme - otherwise other companies will follow.

  • Chris

    Motorola seems to be chasing Apple-level pricing without Apple's brand loyalty or image. Yes, the Droid series was a hit on Verizon, but that was due to reasonable pricing and a strong advertising campaign.

    The Atrix hasn't been hyped nearly as much nor as effectively, and it's basically aimed at the tech-savvy early-adopters.The same customers who know when they're being ripped off.

    Of course, the real test will be at launch and the first few months after that. If enough people buy it, this may become standard fare for Motorola, which would be a shame.

    • David Ruddock

      Agreed, they are going for super-premium pricing (ala Apple).

      But when's the last time you saw a Motorola laptop? If they did all the R&D on this bad boy, the price makes sense, even if it is clearly unreasonable given what you're getting.

      I plan to buy an ATRIX 4G, but I'm not sold on the laptop dock, nor do I think I will be.

      • Chris

        I'm not sure how much R&D there is to do on the dock itself, aside from aesthetic design. There are dozens of choices for LCD screens, batteries, and keyboards of that size that can be picked off the shelf and combined with a custom casing to create the dock.

        I would guess that most of Motorola's own work went into the Webtop interface and modifications to the Linux distro that powers it. But that's being included on every Atrix sold, dock or no.

        At the moment the laptop dock is a nice demonstration piece, to show what the newest generation of phones can do with their beefy dual-core processors, but not necessarily something that is better than the alternative of a phone with tethering and a separate laptop.

        The media dock may be more useful, as it provides useful output capabilities to a HD TV, but the laptop dock occupies that awkward position of being bigger than a phone but not as versatile as a computer.

  • kevin

    It should have a $250 price point. Come on ATT I know you will hemorrhaging customers to verizon but come on!

  • shiran

    I don't get at all why top of the line Android Phones cost as much as the IPhone does. Google takes the whole software development cost and charges no licencing fees from the OEMS. I feel Android phones should be at least $50-100 cheaper unlocked than the Iphone. The hardware specs aren't that special compared to the Iphone. Pricing for the Xoom is just ridiculous.

  • Stanatus

    Give it a huge battery and a lot of gigabytes of extra storage (nandflash?) plus a supperated touchscreen where the phone docks and i am sold :D

  • Edd

    Lol they must be joking??? Haha no way at those prices!

  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    The price is too steep for what you get and the requirement for tethering is also unreasonable. I like the phone and used one at CES along with the laptop dock. It is very nice and I would like to have one, but not at $500. I will wait and get one from somewhere else when they become available.

  • dalaron1

    They fumbled on the one. They're were almost there. I'm on sprint, was seriosly considering changing over but was a little put back with price of their monthy plans. It was hard to justify the extra 240 yr cost for the phone, then they really lost it with the added fee. Not even considering it now. The price of the dock is extremely. Someone needs really think before they act at AT&t.

  • Red Jenny

    $500 plus you have to buy a crappy plan? Ridiculous.
    I love the concept and I look forward to seeing it executed in a less customer unfriendly way.

    Why wouldn't I get a netbook for $250 and tether it for free with Android Market apps?