One of the ugliest, but most functional, news apps on the Android Market has to be that of NPR News. While the app does provide a great deal of news and live streaming radio, it's completely hideous. Luckily though, this is all about change. We've landed some screenshots of a new refresh coming to the NPR for Android app. The update, which should be hitting the Android Market by the end of the month, looks to give NPR for Android a more polished look, matching the NPR for iPhone app.

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At this point, not much is known about what the app update will bring, but it looks as if it will certainly bring a search functionality and give Android users the ability to view images within news stories. Just those two things alone will be a very nice addition! I know I can't wait to see it.

  • Steven M

    how on earth is the current app "One of the ugliest" on Android? it's a bit simple, but it has a certain elegant simplicity to it, and has been designed with a dash of flair - that's in contrast to about 70% of all other Android apps, which look like as if a monkey has mashed the keyboard after opening up the Android SDK on a PC.

  • abee

    I think the app looks alright - I definitely wouldn't add more to the UI because it looks borderline complicated already