Some internal document sent somewhere at some point today was captured by someone and then sent on to Droid-Life, and the news it contains isn't going to be making anyone particularly happy:


Here's the deal: the Thunderbolt won't be launching on the 14th (next week). Amazon and Best Buy apparently had it wrong, and Amazon has since updated its page to reflect that unknown launch date.

The Thunderbolt's Mobile Hotspot feature has also been pushed back, but I would assume this is merely to accommodate the device's new release date. The XOOM also got a mention - something about a delay with the "creative" for the device, I presume this is in reference to advertisements and kiosks and such (correct me if I'm wrong on this, commenters).

When will the Thunderbolt be launching? Droid-Life is speculating the 24th, a date that had been discussed as a possibility some time back. Presumably Verizon will continue doing a bang-up job keeping its retail partners informed and another, revised release date will be leaked soon enough.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Wineaux

    Apple is forcing the delay so they get all of the attention and don't have any competition during their big roll-out. Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple controlling the agenda Verizon customers! Enjoy the fun. It just keeps getting better and better...

  • bford

    Or maybe Verizon just needs a bit more time... or HTC...

    Verizon might still be working out 4gLTE details....

  • mark

    I preordered the phone. All this lagging is making me want to get my money back and go to T-mobile. Terrible company.

  • rb

    The further this release keeps getting moved back, the less likely I am to settle for the Thunderbolt and the more likely I am to wait for the Bionic.

  • Jeff

    This is ridiculous. my G1 broke and i have been using a temp phone waiting for this. All of this nonsense with the Thunderbolt is making me not want to even bother switching to Verizon anymore. They clearly dont care about their customers/future customers by not informing people with information on the products.

  • Corey

    This is ridiculous? Verizon has the new 14 day buy back policy so i'm sure that they're doing this not only to not mess with the "iphone push" but so that the poorly informed people who are buying the iphone, will not be able to return it for the thunderbolt! I've been waiting very patiently for this phone and Verizon keeps making it a big secret on when they'll release it. If you go into a VZW retail store they still tell you it will be June before it comes out???? when clearly it will be out before the end of this month (crossing my fingers) unless VZW lets Apple rule the roost and prevents it

  • Ron

    Pshh... screw this runaround from Verizon. I preordered two of these phones, but I'll now just get the AT&T inspire. Dont really need FFC. Cheaper too.

  • Ron

    I really dont think Verizon has any idea just how many people this announcement is going to piss off.

    • scadole

      technically, this is not an announcement. It's a leak. Nonetheless, it blows donkey [noun]

  • Jamie Hammond

    I reserved mine on Sunday and it is annoying to not have a date yet, but I knew that when I ordered it. I am sure that Verizon wants to make as much money as possable, and their going to ride the iPhone train and then when the fire dies down they will fire up the thunderbolt train. If they were to release the thunderbolt now nobody would know with all the hype overestimated the iphone. HTC and Verizon don't want that. I am willing to wait the few extra DAYS.

  • derek

    whoa whoa what announcment? there hasn't been any announcement made thus far by VZW. Be pissed at Best Buy or Amazon if it's not 2/14.

  • Kevin

    Typical Verizon BS. Too big to woory about the everyday customers, (Storm 3). Might be the slowest company to bring product to market ever.

  • kukuk

    Verizon, give your customers the freedom of choice. let them decide if they want the iphone or the thunderbolt. other carriers are already releasing new and better phones while you are holding back your flagship 4G phone.

  • dogg

    They dont care about their customers and making them happy......they are more concerned about their business plan and raping us for every red cent they possibly can. Notice the plans and contracts have been changing for the worse. The bigger they get the worse they get. I am so tired of this comapny already. They also always seem to be last in getting great new phones.

  • Dan Z

    This is just a guess - but didn't they announce today that Thunderbolt is a Best Buy exclusive now?

    If so - that would explain why an internal Verizon Store would say Thunderbolt date is TBA - as it's going to be at Best Buy only for a while.

  • Im_a_girl

    I work for Verizon and Im guessing that the delay is due to the iPhone being released. Verizon does not tell us info either as far as release dates and such because employees are known to release info (i.e document above) before it is officially announced. So Verizon got smart and does not disclose really important info to its employees. We were not informed about the release of the iPhone until it was up on Verizon's website! Everyone working at Verizon had an idea it was the iPhone but it was never officially announced. So we were in the dark just as the customers are. So far Verizon has not been talking about the Thunderbolt. Most likely it will not be released this month, I bet.
    Bear in mind, to release info about Verizon before its announed is a violation for the Code of Conduct that each employee is REQUIRED to sign before working with us. If your caught, not only will you get fired, but Verizon can sue you for over 100 g's depending how bad the offense is. I hope whoever released the document above is aware of that!

  • Angry and getting Fed UP

    OMG!!! I have a piece of crap Storm..THE FIRST STORM and I really need a new phone and have been waiting for them to release this phone for sooooooo long. I was hoping and praying that it was the big announcement at CES so you know how pissed I was to find out they were releasing the iPhone first!! All these damn iPhone koolaid drinkin' followers who think they are getting such a great piece of technology. Why in the !@#$ would you buy the iPhone..the 3G iPhone when waaaay better 4G phones and for that matter waaaaay better 3G verizon phones are avaiable now and coming in the future!! The problem with Verizon is that they used to be Cellular One which was Southwestern Bells phone company and SWB has never had a reputation for caring about it's customers. Listen to your customers Verizon and get your heads out of your a$$es!!! WE WANT THE THUNDERBOLT THE BIONIC THE REVOLUTION AND THE SAMSUNG. NO TRULY INFORMED CELL PHONE USERS GIVES A CRAP ABOUT THAT STUPID iPhone. We actually want the latest in technology..not some old crap from 2 years ago!!!!

  • This space available

    I too Work for big red. @im_a_girl is right. You think that we know somthing. Assume we are hiding things. We really never are. I'm assuming that the thunderbolt was pushed back so it would fall just outside the 14 day return period for the iPhome buyers. With any other unit, Vzw can take a return phone and give them out as "cleaners" or sell them as certified pre owned. Apple does not work that way. We simply will be eating a returned iphone. With an end month release date for the HTC and an early month apple release vzw won't be dealing with the returns they can't do anything with. Ps: most employees loathe the iphone.

  • This space available

    ...and NOBODY can pre order a phone that has no official launch date!

  • http://facebook psearcy

    I have the storm 1 it's a piece of crap why in world is verizon charging so much for the thunderbolt this is ridiculous

  • Steve Rukaviina

    I got my money back from Best Buy, went on Costco and bought the Motorola Atrix. I wrote Verizon and told them what they could do with their phones and service. They called me to discuss. The people are arrogant and just don't get it. They think they are the only game in town. With that attitude, their demise is soon!

  • max_kain

    HTC is usually on the ball about their equipment, the delay is usually all Verizon. Last time I experienced a delay from them it was with the HTC Touch 6.1 upgrade. HTC had it approved for months, VW was turning off the features that they wanted to charge for (GPS) and the screwed something up. It wouldn't be beyond the pale to think that Apple is working a non compete clause on VW though, probably a combination of the 2.

  • jonny jump up

    as with all reporters,you never will be able to print anything reliable. leading the public on with rumors should be a crime. at least there should be a liers club you should have to register with so descent people can see who you are and avoid the lies