Ever since the official Honeycomb video preview was unleashed at CES, the blogosphere has been aflutter with admiration for the update's stunning UI. It didn't take long for the developer and modder community to push out Honeycomb-like visuals, either - for example, the clock widget has been available for a few weeks.

Now there's an even better way to get that Honeycomb feel, at least for those running CyanogenMod 7 (CM7): Honeybread. I've been running the theme for the past few days, and I'm seriously impressed. (Side note: I had to flash CM7 to try the theme, and I'm hugely impressed with it, as well as Gingerbread. I'd intended to just use CM7 to test the theme, but it's so solid that I see no need to go back to Fresh).

snap20110208_132536 snap20110208_132526 snap20110208_132530

At the moment, Honeybread is Alpha V1, meaning that haxzamatic - the developer - still has "tons of stuff to fix/add," not to mention bugs to fix (although I've yet to encounter any). As for the completeness of the theme - well, it certainly feels complete at first glance, but dig deeper and there are times when it merely feels like a bit of makeup. Progress must be moving along quickly, though, as haxzamatic plans on releasing the theme in the Android market later this week.

snap20110208_132634 snap20110208_134730 snap20110208_134646

What's the theme do right, and where does it still fall short? Let's take a look:

Does right:

  • Replaces many stock widgets - as shown by the clock, search, and news/weather widgets above.
  • Switches status bar icons to blue
  • Many minor effects throughout system switched to blue
    • Widgets have blue glow around them (as seen above)
    • When scrolling up/down, the screen glows blue instead of orange
    • Adding widgets, "loading" and "initializing" dialogues, etc, all have blue accents

Falls Short:

  • Still plenty of places where things are Gingerbread green - namely, system icons (Messaging, Phone, Browser, etc...), as is the taskbar.
  • It's very dark, particularly around buttons (an example of this can be seen in the Gmail screencap above). At times, it's hard to determine which buttons are supposed to be grayed out and which are active.
  • This may be beyond the scope of the CyanogenMod custom theme framework, but a custom dock and app drawer button are really needed to complete the look.

Even as the first alpha build, the theme is very solid, and I've yet to encounter any bugs. For anyone running CM7, I see no reason not to give it a try - as far as I can tell, there's no downside.

With the help of Nate and various mods from around the web, I'm going to kick the Honeycomb feel up a few notches over the next few days. Hopefully I'll have something to show for it once it's all said and done, so check back this weekend for a possible how-to.

[Source: XDA-Developers]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • DP

    Now, this is cool! I like the Gingerbread theme, always put it on any ROM capable, but I may be switching. Depends if it can be themed on a non-CM7 ROM, otherwise I refuse to switch to lose my 4G.

  • sam

    same here no 4G=no thanks
    i have messed with cm and its an awesome rom, but not to use 4G is just crazy

  • Tim

    now only if someone could take that google search widget and make an apk out of it...

  • Dedoche

    Looks nice. But whats the live wallpaper are you using in the screenshot?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      It's actually not a LWP - it's one of the static wallpapers that comes with CM7.

  • three_pineapples

    "but a custom dock and app drawer button are really needed to complete the look."

    Wouldn't that just be a matter of releasing an ADW Launcher theme?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Could be. Like I said, I'm not sure what all the CyanogenMod Theme framework allows for. The capability to customize the dock and icons may be in there - I have no idea. I forgot to mention in the post - I tested 6 different ADW themes currently on the market to see if any complemented Honeybread well, but no success.

      I'm planning on spending Saturday taking it to another level though - Nate has done a lot of Honeycomb-like stuff to his CM-rockin' HD2. For example, I've got a Honeycomb dock lined up, though I think I'll have to use LPP to use it.

      • three_pineapples

        I'm using the Black Glass theme for ADW Launcher which I think goes OK.

        I think the Tron theme might go OK as well.

        Not exactly the stock honeycomb dock, but I think that's more for tablets anyway!

  • Xcom923

    Has anyone messed with CM since 4G has been released for it. I know it's still alpha but it's supposed to be usable.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      There aren't any official WiMax CM builds available yet. I haven't tested any of the unofficial ones yet. That's probably the biggest thing I miss with CM7 (I ran Fresh before, which did have 4G), but then again, I rarely used 4G anyway. The benefits of CM7 far outweigh the lack of 4G.

  • Rubin

    Damn. I miss CM7.