The secret to unlocking the Super Bowl level inside Angry Birds has been hatched by zblanco4, a user over at the Angry Birds Nest, with a little clue to guide the way. Just as Rovio promised, the clue was planted in the Rio ad during Super Bowl - check it out below:


Detailed instructions have been left behind for the rest of us to join in on the fun. The requirements? Not much! As they are:

  1. Open level 13-12 of Ham ‘Em High
  2. Shoot the first Yellow bird anywhere
  3. Now shoot the White bird backwards and drop an egg on the back side of the hill
  4. If you hit the right spot the Golden Egg will pop up!
  5. Once you find the egg you will see the first image below, which opens the Secret Super Bowl Golden Egg level
  6. If you can pass the level you’ll see the second image. Notice that the egg contains the text “Rio”

absb1 absb2

For those of us on the sidelines, a handy YouTube video has been provided detailing us the Xs and Os on how to tackle this secret and obtain the hidden goodies.


Source: Angry Birds Nest

  • Andrew

    I updated Angry Birds Sunday. After opening the game and going through the levels menu everything froze up. I had to remove the battery to restart the phone (wouldn't even force close). Awful. For as much money as this app is making the developer, it should be stable. I would like to see Google kick any app out of the Market that freezes a phone without giving the option to force close.

    • Josue Alamo

      Given the popularity of the Angry Birds game, I'm certain if it was removed from the market the Google offices would be burned to the ground by angry users.

      I do agree that given the ludicrous amount of funds pouring into the developers' hands they should apply a little extra polish to the game.

  • Heather

    I am having trouble with 13-12. The first run through this level I did it correctly as stated above, and even received a golden egg for it, no special lettering, however going to the golden egg achievement screen sadly there was no egg. Not sure what happened. Several times I have tried to repeat this, but no golden egg. Please help. Rovio has not responded to my email about this issue. I am pressuming this a bug issue. I am hoping for some insight to this.


  • Heather

    Also I should point out that I have a samsung facsinate galaxy S and I downloaded angry birds from the android market.

  • AC

    I am having the same problem as Heather.

  • Janey

    I like this game but when are the next levels in the free version gonna open.