Back in June of 2010, Qualcomm issued a developer challenge to geniuses all over the world to create the best next-generation augmented reality applications using their Augmented Reality SDK for Android. With an impressive $200,000 total prize value, it's no surprise that developers have jumped into challenge head-first.

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Qualcomm is planning on announcing the winners and showcasing their apps on February 15th at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, but in the meantime provided a sneak peak at some of the submissions, which, I guarantee you, will get you excited. Let's take a look and start anxiously awaiting the 15th:

Source: Qualcomm

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  • Coldman

    Bring it on! The money counting machine app looks cool (or whatever it does).

  • David Gray

    I just download the HoopsAR app and printed out the paper "ticket"....this thing is freakin AWESOME. I've always loved AR but so far there's been ZERO app that actually work and my Galaxy Nexus is the 1st phone that can handle AR without batting a lash! I can't WAIT for some more good AR app to come out, this is for sure something you can show off to you iSheep friends! GO TRY Hoops AR if you haven't...you can thank me later.