As promised, Rovio Mobile rolled out an update to the Angry Birds Seasons branch of its extremely popular game, this time with lots of pink, hearts, and love all around. The Valentine's Day edition features 18 new levels as well as some new carefully hidden golden eggs, and will surely knock down today's productivity levels with ripples felt all over the world.

This is getting a little too pink for my liking... oh, who am I kidding? /starts playing anyway.


Grab Angry Birds Seasons from the Android Market by clicking or scanning the link below:

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rovio.angrybirdsseasons

Web Market link | Appbrain link

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Source: Angry Birds Seasons

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  • Kane

    Anyone else beat all the levels yet?

    • Alex.D

      Yes and I also got an golden egg on level 7
      (to get the egg you need to watch the egg first it goes out just enough for you to hit it, then restart, then use the first to destroy the blocks in the way, after that's done use all but the last bird, when the egg comes into place bome it, you only have a little time to do it after you fire but it's not hard.)
      If you have any questions I might have the answers email me at alexdool@ymail.com

  • http://newinformations.com/ logesh

    I am going to race my 5 year old to see who can compete these levels first, he on his itouch (because he’s 5 and doesn’t know any better), me on my droid Incredible.