Update: We're still getting over the fact that Sony Ericsson just aired a slightly longer version of this ad in front of the millions of people watching the Super Bowl - check it out:


Sony Ericsson's upcoming "PlayStation phone," the Xperia Play, has been leaking left and right pretty much since its inception, and therefore it's no surprise that its first official commercial was also reveals via a leak.

Droidnytt.no, a Norwegian Android fan site, published the following video showing our little green friend getting thumbs attached to his hands for easier game controller handling, all in the creepiest way imaginable. I wonder if SE borrowed the same team who was behind the original Sony PS3 ad (for the record, I think both are awesome).

Alright, no more spoilers - just watch:

Source: YouTube via Droidnytt

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  • Mike

    I think that its wicked

  • Chris

    Seriously, that thing could be in a horror movie.

  • the man

    i have two left thumbs! :)

  • John A

    Does anyone know what network this is gonna be on? I hope Sony doesn't lock down this phone to just one carrier

  • http://www.twitter.com/xAndroidAddictx AndroidAddict

    I've heard it will be GSM unlocked, no word on CDMA though.

  • gfsq3u’

    If they have the right games it will sell tekken 3 , tomb raider , resident evil . if they take forever to get these emulations running on they network the deveice will fail. . .

  • wil

    Is this phone going to be locked down to one service provider

  • http://ablogaboutvideogamesandtechnology.com/ TechDubDoob

    This thing looks pretty sick. I never read about any of the leaks so this is my first time hearing about it.

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    Yeah, creepy is the word for it.

  • abee

    do those thumbs look incredibly long, or is it just me ?

  • The guy next to Calvin

    Creepy yes but this is the only phone I'm hype about, I would like this on cdma sprint and GSM but you know what as long as this thing don't end up as a big V only phone I would be happy.
    But I will say this I don't give a damn who gets it I'm buying that F@#&*r and throwing this damn hero out the window.