Notion Ink's Adam has been through quite a bit on the long road to last month's launch, including concerns over its legitimacy and policies, ordering snafus, booting problems, and various bugs, but it hasn't stopped the company from steadily working on Adam's second major software patch.

While the first update ended up soft-bricking some devices (preventing them from booting, fixable by full system restore), the second one seems to be safe to apply and contains quite a few fixes and enhancements.

Infamous Greg from Notion Ink Fan does a great job highlighting some of the bugs and demonstrating the fixes in the following videos. People like Greg who spent hours identifying and filing bugs and then testing the fixes are a rare bunch, and although his musical tastes make me question his masculinity at times (I kid, I kid), his efforts are much appreciated by the community:

What's New?

Finally, here is the full list of the fixes and enhancements in this update, as per Notion Ink's update doc:

• General and application specific stability issues addressed.
• Panel view stability improved.
• Added “Discard Update” feature.
• Downloaded update file verification on completed download.
• New dialog box added to choose network connection while updating.
• Save location of update.js modified; now stored in shared memory.
• Download of new update deletes existing update files, if any.
• Fixed crashing issue while plugging / unplugging external keyboard.
• Resolved GPS coordinate issues.
• Help files updated.

• Fixed tab switching focus and stability issues.
• Fixed inconsistent tab count display in case of multiple tabs fixed.
• Address bar functionality change– tapping “X” will now clear the URL present when in edit mode; else it stops the current page loading.
• Fixed issues with URLs starting with `http://’ and ‘www.’.

• Resolved issues regarding “Update Adam” feature.

• In Text mode, italics for Droid Sans does not exist, so this feature has been disabled for this font.
• 1px size text was not visible; it is now fixed.
• Adam would restart an activity when keyboard is connected, this issue has been resolved.

• Resolved issue where Pause and play caused video to jump 3 second.
• Tapping the home button while playing video, then tapping on the Video player icon in the quick launch panel showed blank screen; it now shows video gallery.

• Fixed issue with opening multiple panels for packages that require this functionality.
• Grid view visibility issue resolved.
• Resolved focus / search issues in ribbon view for apps on the home screen.

• Preview of music files did not stop when played in a full app; this is now fixed.
• Refreshing of panel view made more dynamic.

• Fixed issue of incorrect unread mail count in home panel notification.

• Resolved issue where back button displayed panel view while in full view

Click here for instructions on how to install it.  If you need assistance, please contact [email protected]

Please note, that after this update, you would be able to install all subsequent updates using the "Update Adam" feature under Settings.


The following update is hosted and authorized by Notion Ink themselves, so download away and let us know if you hit any snags.

Credit: Notion Ink Fan

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
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  • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

    What do you mean '...his musical tastes make me question his masculinity at times (I kid, I kid)'?

    I avoided playing Justin Bieber! LOL

    Seriously though, thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated! :-)

    • Darlene

      Greg, thanks very much for the videos... just what I have been looking for. I am contemplating an Adam and your review is very appreciated.


  • Nilesh Zabak

    Android Police even cannot appreciate a Notion Ink fan ? By the way where is David ? He will only wake up when Notion ink's update fail. I can understand that . I would like to see his face when Notion Ink releases Honeycomb!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Did you even read anything above, including Greg's own response? Trolls be trolling.

  • Leo

    Hi Artem,

    tks a lot for the update.

    Please upload the video regarding the use of the camera.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I don't have an Adam, so I can't upload any videos about it.

  • Eric

    The only think that I really saw on the NI Adam that I don't like is the notification bar. Really Notion? That's a standard android feature and you managed to make things not play with it right? Impressive screwup there. Other than that, looks kinda cool. If someone releases it with AOSP honeycomb, I might have to buy.

  • Amit Tambe

    Greg's efforts get recognition beyond the "NI family". That is fantastic.

  • brad

    How unfinished and rushed can you get a tablet. Gesh. Im glad I was paranoid. I think I will dump my cash on XOOM.

    • rbk

      no one care about what you want or dont want. Quoting Rohan: "if it's not for you then it's ok" Life goes on.

    • http://ilapstech.blogspot.com ilap

      Yep, cognitive dissonance.:)

    • FJG

      Enjoy. It'll cost you $800.00.

  • Leo

    Hi Greg,

    I am very pleased with your updates, it look very genuine
    Tks a ton for it.

    Can you please upload the video regarding the use of the camera and plz mention its battery life.

  • scomom

    I really appreciate you guys! I am a die hard Android fan and when I decided that I wanted to move toward a tablet and researched them all...both released and still on the drawing board...the Adam was the only thing that had everything I wanted. And...I'm not afraid of a new start-up. I love to support innovation and entrepreneurship. Go for it, Rohan & I will keep checking here for news. I received my Adam last week...actually, my son in the states did. I'm out of the country and waiting for someone to bring it to me! Yes...it's got some bugs, but I'm not scared off by a new product built by a new company having some bugs. Thanks, guys for debugging & testing for those of us who can't.

  • Leo

    Hi Greg,

    Can you mention wats the battery life while playing continuous video

  • Leo

    hi Greg,

    plz upload more videos........ don't say that u don't have time........... we are loosing our confidence in adam

  • Sun Tzu (Doom)

    Thing is I had my heart set on getting one of these devices but now to be honest I don't see the upside... If they released in Nov then I would have gone for it but now the Xoom is to be launched in Europe even before the NI has shipped!!! Oh well it was a good try but I don't see this company lasting long. I hope I'm wrong but as one of the target customers they would be aiming for I will buy a Xoom rather that go through all this pain and not even get the finished article. Sorry

  • cynofan

    does the camera work?

  • cynofan

    or is there a way to use the camera?