Before anyone jumps on me, I know there's a number of remote torrent management applications out there on the Market, including ones that work with uTorrent. This app, however, is being put out by none other than BitTorrent Inc., the owners of uTorrent. That means you can expect a remote torrent client that actually works, as opposed to the aforementioned mediocre alternatives. Not to mention the fact that uTorrent Remote packs a feature set other remote torrent apps simply can't match.

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What a suspiciously legitimate download queue.

Unfortunately, there's a catch. You need to be using the 3.0 Alpha build of uTorrent on your PC (get it here) in order for this app to work, which is currently only available for Windows. And, well, it's an Alpha build (your success with it may vary). That aside, the app has some nifty features, and uTorrent's blog has bullet-ized them for easy consumption:

  • Check the status of a download directly from your Android smartphone
  • Add, pause or remove µTorrent downloads on your computer
  • µTorrent remote registers as a .torrent handler so you can browse and add torrents just as if you were on your PC at home.
  • Start, pause or remove µTorrent downloads in progress on your computer
  • Update and add torrents from RSS subscriptions
  • Transfer, save and play any completed file from your PC right to your device

Sounds pretty awesome, right? It gets even better, as uTorrent threw in an additional piece of news that many torrent addicts will find exciting: "On the horizon: a full-featured native BitTorrent for Android client..." That's a pretty big deal, and although there's a couple of Android torrent clients out there right now, frankly, they suck. And with a gaggle of Android tablets coming this year, a full-featured client sounds a lot more sensible when you're using it on a device with a big display and lots of storage space.

Finally, a quick tip for setting up: you'll need to create a login account from your PC on uTorrent under the "Preferences/Web" menu in order to get the remote Android client to connect, so don't forget that crucial step. Happy torrenting.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.utorrent.web

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David Ruddock
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  • christopher

    This is awesome. Thanks for the heads up about this app...

  • daniĆ«l

    The full Android torrent client does sound awesome!
    One more way to make Android tablets and phones more fully independent.

  • Brett

    Got this up and running. Works very well so far.

  • http://yobif.com Yobif

    Oh great now my mobile is going to download and upload the files using p2p...

    • Eric

      No! It is a remote for the uTorrent on your PC. So your PC is still doing the down/uploading.

  • John J

    Quick setup, super clean interface. I like where they're going with it.

  • Junosi

    Looks great but it lacks a search function !! Without search it's not worth using

  • panos plagetis

    hey guys,, yes its an amazing app.. but got a problem on my own.. i downloaded the app on my samsung galaxy s2.. it works fine but when im going to see a torrent that is downloaded and press the download to phone button and then the play button it appears this message : "failed to start viewer" any help plz..? cause after all seems to be a fuckingawesome app..

  • Trond

    Seems to be yet another problem with SG2. Strange that they don't respond to this issue since it's the N0.1 Smartphone out there for the time being.

    As another happy owner of SG2 I'm sad to see that even Samsung themselves don't bother to fix crucial stuff like missing BlueTooth file transfer and so on on their own product...

    A fix so we could transfer files from uTorrent to the SG2 would be nice. At least we would not have to look at the "play" symbol in the app as long as it's not working.

  • http://Stillworkingonit Max d

    Hello you guys, i have a nexus s and its saying "failed to start viewer" and i want to watch so please help

  • http://Stillworkingonit Max d

    Hello you guys, i have a nexus s and its saying "failed to start viewer" and i want to watch so please help..thanks

  • http://Stillworkingonit Max d

    Hellom you guys, i have a nexus s and its saying "failed to start viewer" and i want to watch so please help..thanks ka