Another day, another Android phone rumour. Android And Me received a tip from a "regular source" about HTC's first dual-core smartphone set to launch on T-Mobile in May 2011. The phone, codenamed the "Pyramid", will reportedly feature a 1.2GHz dual-core MSM8260 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, a 4.3-inch qHD display (with a resolution of 960x540), and support for T-Mobile's HSPA+ network for 4G connectivity.

We do not wish to speculate on the veracity of this rumour, however Taylor from Android And Me has stated that the regular source has provided accurate information in the past and in this case, TmoNews has confirmed the rumour through another independent source.

Let's hope the rumours are true, because this phone sure sounds like a beast!

Credit: Android And Me and TmoNews

Abhiroop Basu
Abhiroop Basu is an opinionated tech and digital media blogger. As a doe-eyed twenty-something he started his first blog TechComet to comment on anything tech-related that caught his omniscient eye. Since then he has blogged for Android Police, Make Tech Easier, and This Green Machine. In the real world, Abhiroop Basu is a resident of Singapore and the Editor of The Digit, a subsidiary of The Potato Productions Group.

  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com/p/home.html alchemist007

    New phone but the same Sense from HTC, so boring! I can't wait until all these custom skins become optional, if it ever happens!

    • apollostees

      That's a bit presumptuous to say about a phone we know next to nothing about. HTC has made several phones without sense.

      Plus many people like sense, just look at the android dev forums on XDA.

      Plus you know this will be root-able so have what you want.

      Personally this is the most promising of the dual-core phone so far. I love HTC.

  • Hks

    Who said anything about HTC sense lol. And anyways it will be rooted as soon as its released and cyanogen team will support it 100%

  • kj

    Sounds like a nice upgrade from my nexus 1

  • Jim McP

    Sounds like a Great upgrade from my G1, LOL

    I hope soon we'll be able to order these phones the way we like them, personalize them. Like ordering a PC online. I want this phone, this proccesor, the carrier, with (or without) keyboard, camera, flash. FFC. Ahhhh to dream!!

    • EDD

      Actually there is a service that does this... I can't find the link right away tho :(

      • Phil

        Sounds like you're thinking of Synapse phones, may not be happening though :( Been a bit quiet from them for a while.

  • Bateluer

    Sounds nice, would love to see it with Gorilla Glass too.

  • Noel

    I think i just found a device capable of relieving my beloved N1 from duty. I know the device will be formidable ofcuz it is HTC, but four wishes i hope HTC will consider..(1) Plzzz make it Pure Virgin/Vanila Android with sense as optional, maybe just as a widget that u can activate/deactivate, (2) a bigger battery abt 1800 to 2000 mAh, (3) 16 to 32 Gb onboard storage, 2Gb RAM and microSd expansion 32Gb plus, (4) Maybe Gorilla glass. But either way i can't w8 till my paws are all over this one....

  • stan

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