We're hearing quite a bit of news about the Atrix 4G today, and from all over the web, no less. First and foremost, AT&T has officially revealed that the Atrix will go on sale March 6, for $200 with a two-year contract. Electronista is reporting that you can buy it bundled with the laptop dock for $500; if you choose to buy the phone first (for $200) and the dock at a later date, you'll still end up paying $500 for the dock (bringing your total to $700).

Update: Official press release from AT&T, which also introduces the Entertainment Access Kit, is now included below. This bundle comes with a Motorola HD Multimedia Dock, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a remote control for $189.99.

It looks like AT&T will be neglecting Android no longer: in an effort to compete with the Verizon iPhone, they've revealed to the WSJ that they're cozying up to Motorola, and the Atrix will be their new flagship device. Consequently, they'll be making a major marketing push for both the Atrix, and other Android devices in general.

Need a reminder of what the Atrix is packing?

  • Tegra 2 dual-core CPU (@ 1 GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM
  • HSPA+ (4G)
  • 4" qHD (960x540) display
  • 5 MP camera around back, VGA camera in front
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Android 2.2 (facepalm) with MotoBlur (double facepalm)
  • 1930 mAh battery
  • 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI

For our impressions, video, and pictures of the  Atrix (+ docks), hit up our hands-on with the device from CES.

Press release:

DALLAS, Feb. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Key Facts

  • AT&T* begins pre-sales for Motorola ATRIX™ 4G on Feb. 13
  • Motorola ATRIX 4G, powered by the Android 2.2 platform, available exclusively for AT&T customers for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement.
  • Motorola ATRIX 4G is expected to be available from AT&T and select retail channels for customers by March 6 or earlier.
  • AT&T will offer bundled pricing for the Motorola ATRIX 4G and the Motorola Laptop Dock.

4G Portfolio

AT&T is the leader in smartphones, and expects to widen that lead in 2011. In January, AT&T committed to an industry-leading Android portfolio in the U.S. in 2011 and said it plans to offer two 4G smartphones in the first quarter. An industry first, the Motorola ATRIX 4G is the leading edge of more than 20 advanced, 4G devices AT&T plans to deliver in 2011. AT&T has completed the deployment of HSPA+ to virtually 100 percent of its mobile broadband network, which enables 4G speeds when combined with enhanced backhaul.

Motorola ATRIX™ 4G

The Motorola ATRIX™ 4G Android 2.2 smartphone will be offered exclusively by AT&T and is the world’s most powerful smartphone.  Featuring a 2x1 GHz dual-core processor for a total of 2 GHz of processing power, a unique webtop application, the world's first qHD display, and Adobe flash player, the, ATRIX 4G delivers a remarkable combination of application processing power with 4G speed capability and a high-resolution qHD display, a first for the industry.

It will be complemented by breakthrough accessories that include a revolutionary, super-thin Motorola Laptop Dock --  for which ATRIX 4G is the "engine" -- and the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock that uses ATRIX 4G's HDMI video output capabilities and processing power to enable a revolutionary browsing, application and media experience.

AT&T will offer two special packages for customers who choose to purchase ATRIX 4G in addition to these unique accessories. The first combines ATRIX 4G and the Motorola Laptop Dock for a promotional price of $499.99 after a two-year service contract and $100 mail-in-rebate after subscription to Data Pro smartphone data plan and tethering add on. Customers who choose to purchase the Motorola Laptop Dock separately pay $499.99. AT&T is also offering an Entertainment Access Kit for ATRIX customers which includes the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock, a Bluetooth® keyboard and mouse, and a remote control for $189.99.

Motorola ATRIX 4G will also include AT&T Mobile Hotspot service built into the smartphone, allowing users to connect additional Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

AT&T U-verse® TV customers will be able to manage their DVR recordings - and U-verse customers with a qualifying TV plan can download and watch hit TV shows – right from their ATRIX 4G handset using the U-verse Mobile application. In addition, any ATRIX 4G user, whether or not they have U-verse TV at home, can still enjoy a variety of video options - including live TV - with the new U-verse Live TV application, preloaded and available for $9.99 a month.

For more information, visit www.att.com/atrix4G.  For photos and more information about presales for ATRIX 4G, visit www.att.com/mobilephones-news.


"Motorola ATRIX 4G stole the show at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and we're delivering ATRIX 4G and its truly innovative line of accessories for our customers very soon," said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "Any smartphone customer looking for the most powerful and innovative solution on the market has to consider the ATRIX 4G."

"Today consumers use their smartphones to stay constantly connected to the information that matters to them most. The Motorola ATRIX 4G along with our webtop application and innovative docks enable a truly mobile computing experience never before possible on a smartphone," said Alain Mutricy, senior vice president, portfolio and product device management, Motorola Mobility.

1. Mobile broadband coverage is not available in all areas. 4G speeds delivered by HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul. Will be available in limited areas. Availability increasing with ongoing backhaul deployment. Learn more at att.com/network.

2. Motorola ATRIX 4G: Requires a minimum data service starting at $15/month. Two-year voice agreement required. Qualified customers only. Motorola ATRIX 4G is configured to work only with the wireless services provided by AT&T. Early termination fee of up to $325. Price of ATRIX 4G and Motorola Laptop Dock package is before $100 mail-in-rebate AT&T Promotion card & with 2-yr DataConnect agreement is $599.99. Allow 60 days for fulfillment. Card valid for 120 days wherever major credit cards accepted. May be used to pay wireless bill. Not redeemable for cash & cannot be used at ATMs or gas pumps. Card request must be postmarked by 4/20/11. Must be a customer for 30 consecutive days to receive Card. Some restrictions & other charges apply. See terms at store or att.com/wirelessrebate.

3. Laptop Dock - Firefox browser use with AT&T Mobile Broadband requires Tethering Plan.

4. Mobile Hotspots and Tethered devices require at a minimum a  DataPro Tethering Plan.  Devices connected to a Mobile Hotspot or tethered to the ATRIX 4G use data from your DataPro Tethering Plan.  Tethering Plans are not unlimited and significant charges may be incurred if the included data allowance is exceeded. Performance may vary depending on the number of devices connected and other factors.

5. Geographic and service restrictions apply to AT&T U-verse services. Call or go to www.att.com/u-verse to see if you qualify.  Download and watch capability available for select content and requires select devices, Wi-Fi connection, and qualifying U-verse TV plan or monthly subscription fee.  Standard data charges may apply. AT&T U-verse Live TV requires compatible device, eligible data plan, and mobile broadband service.  Service not available in all areas.  Programming subject to blackout restrictions.  Data rates apply.

6. Price established by AT&T for AT&T-owned retail outlets.  Prices may vary at independent retailers.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

[Source: Barrons, WSJ, Electronista, AT&T]

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  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    Classic stupidity. $500 for A DOCK? What is AT&T/Motorola thinking?

  • BigMagoo

    No kidding - Why not just go get a netbook for a third that price? I'm still gonna get the phone though.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    The dock price is too expensive, definitely too expensive. And the pressure to buy right away is too obnoxious. I bet the separate dock price will fall from $500 quite fast after launch.

  • Ape Shit

    So, 500 for the dock, even 300 wiht the phone are they on crack? and why on earth does the laptop dock require a tethering data plan are you kidding me. ATT WTF.

  • tracerit

    Wait I thought the dock was going to be 150 like reported last week. So its actually 300 or 500 now? Or am i cconfusing the docks here?

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      You aren't confused. That's the same dock with a wishful price of ~$150. There were also rumors about the entertainment dock being sold for about $69, but it's now bundled with some "EXTREMELY USEFUL" wireless keyboard/mouse and will cost you a very "affordable" price at $189.

  • Mike

    I just wonder if it is possible to have that phone modified to use an tmobile or other carriers,ill let xda take care of that problem

    • Mike

      Meant on not an

  • David Ruddock

    At $500, it's clearly overpriced. At $300 OFF contract or on, I'd say that would be reasonable. $500 for the phone plus the dock isn't bad, but it does coerce you into buying the dock immediately if you're on the fence about it, which is kind of shady in my opinion.

    But I was very skeptical of the $150 mark for the dock on contract - you have to realize, it's just a laptop without a logic board, plus a port replicator. There's still quite a few parts involved, most expensive of which are the screen and the battery. $500 is steep, I stand by that, but I maintain $300 is fair.

  • Deon

    lol. AT&T has come a long way since the Motorola Backflip huh. Their first Android phone, and it was crippled with Yahoo (or was it Bing).

    I wonder if they'll continue to cripple their Android phones, force-different search engine, no side-loading, Remove Google Navigation in favor of their $10/mo Telenav Navigator, etc. I hope they don't cripple the Atrix.

  • PeterF

    Stupid. Just plain stupid. A whole netbook costs less than $300 and does more than this dock does. Since the Atrix runs Android, you can just root it and get free tethering.
    You will have a phone and a netbook that works without the phone AND no extra monthly fee.

  • Sawdust

    Just came from my AT&T store - the Atrix display is installed - complete with Laptop dock, HD dock, standard dock, and the Moto keyboard and mouse complete with glowing blue scroll wheel. But...no phone yet. The laptop dock is metal, very thin, and very solid feeling. Keyboard is a little tight vertically - but completely acceptable. Teh HD dock keyboard is really nice - great coffee table piece for running this system on the big screen. Sweet - can't wait!