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As part of today's Honeycomb- and "Android ecosystem"-event, Google demoed Renderscript - a new 3D graphics library in Android. And part of their demo?  A new application called Google Body, aka the "Google Maps of human anatomy."

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It looks like it'll be a pretty cool way to explore the human body - just like Maps, you can strip away layers (i.e. skin, bones, etc.), rotate it in 3D, and search for body parts before having them highlighted in the app. Sweet - I can already hear the sound of science teachers across the nation screaming for joy.

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Double
  • Tijl

    Renderscript is not new. It's been used for things like Live wallpapers (eg the wavy grass) for a long time. The API has been open source the whole time.

    However, Google has always refused to support it. It also doesn't run on emulators due to hardware acceleration. I'm of course curious if it's been givven more features for Honeycomb..!

  • dingdonghei

    Great concept, but if it's a copy of body browser it needs a lot more detail for science teachers around the world to rejoice.