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The impossible has happened: thanks to a new software update, the Xperia X10's Internet and Maps applications are finally multitouch-capable. And as if that weren't exciting enough for X10 owners, the update also introduces support for bi-directional languages (i.e. Arabic, Farsi, Thai, and Hebrew) - a nice addition, though definitely not as high up on most users' wish lists as a version of Android more recent than 2.1 (or 1.6, if you're using AT&T's edition of the device).

And here's where things get interesting for X8 users - you guys are also getting this update, albeit with multitouch stripped out. Hey - if it's any consolation, the new software will make your devices compatible with ANT+, which enables support for "things like heart rate monitors."

Rikard Skogberg from the official Sony Ericsson blog says the update is now available via PC Companion, while an OTA is currently rolling out to "most markets." It isn't yet clear whether AT&T X10 users are getting this update, but I certainly hope so - otherwise, Big Blue headquarters might soon be a little... how shall we put it... more hectic than usual.

Source: Sony Ericsson Blog

Jaroslav Stekl
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    Wow..it's an good news out here can't wait downloads an update software over my X10 and advantages of an Multi touch..

  • nafra

    When this update will rolling out for xperia x8?

  • Frederick

    Nope,still running 1.6 and I'M TIRED OF THE BS11

  • muaz

    how to root xperia x8 and install xrecovery??