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We have some somewhat good news for Fascinate owners: a new, official, very final-looking Froyo build DL30 for the Samsung Fascinate has been leaked, and it's been released completely unmolested (short of pre-rooting it). Even the bloatware has been left intact.

Obviously, the silver lining here is that we can see that Samsung and Verizon are making progress, and this could be a sign that the update is closer to being ready to roll out. (Then again, that could just be naïve optimism.) On the flip side, the only people who will find this immediately useful are the ones who are rooted, and those people are probably already running a custom Froyo ROM already (and likely one without the bloat).

Want to give it a shot? Hit up the download links here or here, courtesy of XDA member punk.kaos. Be sure to let us know how it works out, but remember - any technical or support-related questions are best directed to the thread in the source link below.

[Source: XDA-Developers, thanks for the tip Dave!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • J Wise

    Title says Vibrant but your talking about the Fascinate?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Looks like Aaron was in a hurry and typed in Vibrant by mistake. All fixed!

      • Aaron Gingrich

        I sure did, sorry. Was in a bit of a rush, sorry. Thanks Artem :)

  • http://usatoday.com Kent Brockman

    Too bad 3.0 gets released tomorrow. Now Samsung Vibrant owners will only 2 (Gingerbread & Honeycomb) behind the rest of us.

    Thank god I wasn't lured in by the pretty screen.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Since Honeycomb is not meant for phones and came out 2 months after Gingerbread, it's not really fair to say that. They'll be a single generation behind when they release Froyo officially.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        I think saying (albeit, indirectly) that Honeycomb won't hit phones is a bit strong. Based on ArsTechnica's SDK preview, it's certainly plausible.

  • Fulaman

    I just hope that the Froyo official update for the Fascinate comes out sometime this month. It would be nice to be able to experience Flash 10.1. that said I hope they got rid of Bing right?

    • Dave

      Bing is removed in this version, again some bugs still point to the bing search program and need to be patched.

  • Dave

    Doesn't feel like this version is ready for public consumption yet, mechanically everything works for the most part. The native lag in the samsung phones is only multiplied by this, overall when you are not writing to the disk its fast, but there are various other bugs that would not fly for the general public. Good rom though for the mean time.

    • Fulaman

      Ouch so this leaked froyo is even slower than éclair? Why do Samsung phones have native lag? Won't Samsung address it?

  • Easy Money

    I Have the Fascinate.. Rooted ofcourse, before I go to froyo will I have to back up my system and remove the root or just scan it??

    • Fulaman

      This ROM is for rooted users only.

  • Donavan Marais

    I've been running this rom for 3 days now. Only bugs I've found are (1) sends blank text messages and (2) wasn't getting voicemail notifications. The 2nd bug was easy to resolve by using third-party app: Voicemail Notifier. Other than that, no complaints. The GPS working instantly now and I'm able to use my car speakers to make calls now. Flash is a bonus, but wasn't a huge thing for me. I personally find the performance is faster than eclair, but I did up the clockspeed, and made some minor ADW launcher configs for faster scrolling etc. Overall, I think its great.

  • Dave

    Most stable and least laggiest I have seen is the superclean 1.0, of course doesnt add up to a hill of beans, I am just waiting on the thunderbolt to release now.

  • Justin

    I am very tech savy but what exactly does rooted mean? I have the Fascinate for Verizon and am on a 2 tear contract...How do I get this update?