The official Google Maps app has been updated again, this time with a major addition to Latitude - check-ins. Just as Hotpot seemed to be a Yelp-killer, Google must now have Foursquare in its sights, because Latitude's check-ins have a few major advantages over Foursquare and its competitors.

Latitude will notify you when it recognizes your location, giving you the option to check-in wherever you are. However, you can also set up automatic check-ins for only the places you want, an incredibly convenient feature that still covers any privacy concerns. Whether you check-in manually or automatically, you will be checked-out once you leave (another feature Foursquare users have been asking for).

And the final nail in the coffin for Foursquare? Check-in at one location enough times and you'll become a "Regular," then "VIP," and finally "Guru." And the fact that Google tells us that Latitude currently has ten million active users pretty much guarantees Latitude's dominance in the check-in game.

Source: Google Lat-Long Blog

  • http://twitter.com/xlerate A. Salmon

    Not so fast.
    I just loaded it...the check-in section is small and obscured with no label.
    In addition, the pre-determined list of places you can check in to is not as big as Foursquare, and the biggest caveat... you cannot add a locations.
    The problem with Google's products is that they depend strictly on Google's input which many time results in delays in updated information. It took them 2 months to correctly adjust the location of my business on a Google maps which was originally off by nearly 1/2 mile. Granted they did, but that lack of user enabled control, puts it behind services like Foursquare which let you add businesses, photos and addresses instantly.

  • SpottedNigel

    Considering how many Foursquare locations locally that are "your mom", I'm not seeing that as a bad thing