It appears that Motorola's ad campaign for the XOOM is underway, with the following ad released today by ShareMoto. As in the previous, and I would say much more successful Tablet Evolution ad, Apple plays a big part, being compared to the Big Brother from 1984. Motorola then flies some [impressive] specs around and... that's it. No pictures of the XOOM - nothing. If this is indeed their Super Bowl ad they are planning to air during the game this Sunday, I will be very disappointed. You can do better, Moto. You didn't let us touch or play with the tablet at CES - at least let us see it in your own commercials, OK?

Via Droid Life

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  • http://www.brandonvfletcher.com Brandon

    Considering it has Super Bowl XLV at the bottom of the teaser, i doubt this is the actual ad. More like a teaser for the ad.

  • Andrew

    agreed. it's just the teaser.

  • Joe

    No doubt, you don't drop the big $$$$$ on Super Bowl ad time and not come through with a full-on, out-of-the-park commercial. I'm sure Moto will leave nothing to doubt when the Xoom gets full Super Bowl exposure.

  • rTiGd2

    Clearly you are too blinded by your need to see pictures and can't actually appreciate it's a very accurate message regarding the 'Apple Way' - Not really Android Police quality reporting this time.