The G-Slate Honeycomb tablet, announced at CES, was never shown off to the public outside of this weak T-Mobile video which just embedded the official Honeycomb intro into a dark G-Slate frame. Last week, the tablet made a brief and fuzzy appearance in a random Korean music video, seemingly confirming previous rumors of a 3D camera.

Today, we are seeing it again in an even more random creation - a homemade video by MysteryGuitarMan. Dual cameras for recording 3D - check, LED flash - check (though only one), what looks to be a kickstand - check (seriously, nobody has thought of putting a kickstand into a tablet before? Brilliant!). Feast your eyes on this dual-core Honeycomb-sporting 4G T-Mobile slate:

image image image

Not much else to report at the moment, as both LG and T-Mobile are being extremely hush-hush about anything related to the G-Slate. One thing is for sure - if that silver band doesn't end up being a kickstand, I will find someone at LG to slap a few times.

Source: MysteryGuitarMan via Engadget

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  • Kane

    8.9" is the rumored size and I think it's the sweet spot. 10" is too big, 7" too small - 9" is perfect. Give me a WiFi version and good performance/specs and I'm sold.

  • jemolian

    archos tablets has kickstands...

  • Anon Y. Mous

    Wifi version and it's mine.

    Too bad T-Mobile has all of the best devices; I'm stuck with Sprint on the wrong side of the Samsung Epic. >.<

  • Mike

    How does someone like MysteryGuitarMan get a device like that? Maybe there's a lot more to making quirky YouTube videos than I thought!