Virgin Mobile USA, a no-contract budget mobile U.S. retailer with plans starting at $25/mo for unlimited text/web/data and 300 minutes, has only crossed paths with Android once, with the introduction of Samsung Intercept. However, another contender, LG Optimus V, an equivalent of Optimus S on Sprint, Optimus T on T-Mobile, etc. just popped up at RadioShack.com, before even hitting Virgin's own site, which is expected to happen on February 1st. There have been reports of the device being available in some brick and mortar Virgin Mobile USA stores, but it looks like this RadioShack appearance is the first time it became available online.


To recap the specs, Optimus V has a 480x320 3.2" display, a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor, Android 2.2. "Froyo," Wi-Fi, and a 3MP camera. All of this mediocrity is being offered for $150, which, compared to Intercept's $250 price tag and the absence of a contract, is not too bad at all. If you're looking for a powerhouse, I suggest you expand your search beyond Virgin Mobile, as Optimus V has been shown to score a very low 492 in Quadrant.


A few videos offering an early overview of the phone's hardware, network speed, and Quadrant scores can be found below:

Source: RadioShack via FatWallet, getitbackup on YouTube (say what?)

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  • James

    Nice article...Being a current Virgin Mobile customer who uses the Intercept, I would just like to say my kids will be getting this phone. The price tag and features make it perfect for a start droid phone. Sometimes people just don't need the best and "mediocrity" is exactly whats needed!

  • Brian

    I've had the phone since last Friday (Target) and I'm really happy. This is my first smartphone and Android 2.2 is awesome. More than anything, the 25 a month plan is for me. Someday I may upgrade to the latest/coolest, but very happy for now. I'd say it's a great balance between functionality and price.

  • Taylor

    I got it yesterday at Target in Connecticut. Can not beat the price! It is very smooth as well. I got it for my girlfriend and I can not tell the difference when navigating menus between the LG Optimus and the Droid Incredible. Like I said the best deal for an Android phone around. $25 a month!!!

    • http://www.arenacreative.com/ Todd

      how has your service been so far in connecticut? im about to dump verizon for the monthly savings with VM

      • http://g Kiani

        Hey beautiful im a VM customer and I must say I love the service I just bought a Optimus V monday great phone android(3Oakland Ca)

  • kodiak211

    i got this phone yesterday.... upgrade from the moto i1 running android 1.5.... so much better then the i1!!!!!! hardly any lag when playing game on it... the same games on the i1 lagged so bad!!!!!! much smoother also. the i1 lock screen i would have to swipe it 2 to 3 times befor it would unlock. not with the Opt-V!!!!!! every time i tried it unlocked the first time..... much better.... anybody want to buy my i1?.....lol

  • T.Mike

    OK I don't know about where you all are at but I live in Nebraska and the Optimus V was 1st retailed at 149.99 at Radio Shack Target Best buy, basically all over. Now there was a snag, and that snag was the wifi hotspot capability. I have seen at the Shack and Target personally, it is now @199.99. I would still pay the extra 50.00 for the phone because the 25.00 a month is still better than all the rest I've seen. Oh and if you wanna know what might be next for VM's new phone, just watch Sprint. Heck they own VM.

  • scat

    149???? more lie 199
    is that why when i add to my cart nothing happens?

  • Charlene

    Looooove this phone with the swype capability and its ease of use. Heck, my 19 month old has this phone in her hands more than I do! She can play games, and surf on YouTube like no one's business