Last Updated: April 5th, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt, announced at CES earlier this year, may only seem like it's underpowered compared to the dual-core offerings, but according to a very early unboxing by someone named Michael, it's quite a beast with some very admirable features. I don't know how Michael got his hands on this device so early - perhaps he's a tester, a ninja reviewer, or a VZW employee receiving Thunderbolt training (I'm most likely inclined to side with the latter), but he does spill some interesting details that I've summarized below, conveniently mixed in with some specs.

Oh, and this is the same video that was used in this post to cross reference the UPC codes - the problem was the original 720p video disappeared off the Interwebs only to resurface from ahart814's cache last night, except in a not-as-awesome 360p resolution the original video is back online.

Most of these features were already seen in our preview from CES, but Michael does show off his Thunderbolt a bit better than the CES presenter. Let's take a look:

  • simultaneous voice/data 3G on Verizon Wireless was confirmed by our ninja, although it's not clear whether he was just restating what the earlier leaks were saying
  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • 768MB RAM
  • 32GB preinstalled + 8GB onboard storage
  • 8MP upgraded camera with dual LED flash and 720p recording, "much better than the EVO"
  • kick-stand that allows both vertical and horizontal
  • 4.3" 800x480px SLCD screen
  • really fast boot times, a-la Desire Z/HD
  • HTC Sense 2.0, easy skin changing
  • "beat Motorola's dual-core Droid Bionic and Samsung i510 in both Quadrant and Neocore scores" - we'll see about that
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera
  • Skype video calling and contacts integration
  • 4G LTE
  • DLNA support
  • Android 2.2

I don't know about you but I am quite excited about the Thunderbolt. For one, it's not Motorola with their tightly locked boot loaders and it's not Samsung who will probably sit on the same Android OS version until 2012. Sure, it's lacking a dual-core processor and is running Froyo at launch, but from the looks of it, there's plenty of power, and with 40GB of storage out of the box, an upgraded camera, 768MB of RAM, and LTE support, the Thunderbolt is packing a pretty sweet package. Just don't forget about that Gingerbread, alright, HTC?

In conclusion, "ohhhh yeah!!!"

Source: LuddenMedia

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  • Balthazar B

    No global radios? Yawn...

    • BenR

      Um. LTE IS the coming global standard SO who's to say a software update won't let it do LTE in other countries besides the U.S.
      LTE 700 is what AT&T is going to be using by end of 2012.

      So ... yeah ... *yawn*

  • mikeymop

    Ok, no I was settled on the Optimus 2x, or waiting on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S2. But you saying this single core solution outperforms the dual core solutions has me even more indecisive.

    For one, i have to wait for the dual cores to be benched on Honeycomb, so I can see the performance with the cores optimized. I think I may be going back to the original choice of the Thunderbolt for an upgrade.
    Keep us updated guys! D:

    • Aaron Gingrich

      It may beat it in Quadrant, but that's because Quadrant isn't coded for more than 1 core.

      • mikeymop

        I know, I was thinking overall performance (using Quadrant pro) as well as comparing with other GPU benchmarks.

        Because Honeycomb is the only dual core capable Android version known we'd have to wait for an accurate comparison of the two... and theres also Samsung's Orion around the corner, it's going to be a very fun year for buying a smart phone ;)

  • Jazmac

    Whats another word for Awesome? Of course, me owning that phone. lol. Great vid man. I'm at Sprint but it doesn't slow the excitement.

    • Kenneth P

      Im with sprint to dude and even though i love my evo and its super similiar i NEED A THUNDERBOLT!!

  • deon

    I know a friend who is waiting to get one. Its a solid choice. But why does a cdma verizon phone require a sim chip?

    • oomatter

      @deon It's not just a cdma phone, it's got an LTE radio for the 4G. LTE tech uses sim cards.

  • scadole

    I know this makes me such a loser, but reading ths article and watching the video (repeatedly) has put a huge smile on my face.... CAN'T WAIIT!!!!

  • commentguy2010

    I played with this phone, its nice. The LTE network is much faster than tmobiles and att. in quadrant it scored around 2000 so I think the dual cores will be faster. I read somewhere that 2.2 android does not fully support dual core and you will see the dual core phones be much faster with 2.3

    • BenR

      Well, do we know if the SMP code from the generic Linux kernel is in the Linux kernel Android uses? I can't find anything on this and SMP support IS required for both cores to be used otherwise you will have an idle core as the kernel controls the threading. Do we know if the scheduler that Android uses can handle threads? I'd bet a crisp $100 bill that no Android app is multi-threaded so it would mean nothing for apps that aren't to have 2 cores.

      I could go on but the point is made. Without SMP and multi-threaded apps ... dual cores are useless except for a marketing campaign. BUT a 45nm 1Ghz proc IS of use with 2.2.x. :)


    Damn that's slick. I'm wanting to trade in my Incredible. Going to force myself to wait for the Incredible 2, I think. HTC continues to impress.

  • James

    Woot! Go Thunderbolt!

  • Ben

    The title of this post is irresponsible. We all know by now that the Thunderbolt and Incredible HD are two separate and distinct phones, not aka's.... Liked the article though.

    • b1ll

      Who said Incredible HD is a separate phone? Thunderbolt is the name for what used to be rumored as Inc HD. Incredible 2 may be a different phone but Inc HD is this.

  • Im_a_girl

    I guess you can say the Thunderbolt is the "Incredible HD"....I work for Verizon and I dont understand why this is referred to as an Incredible. Verizon will have a lot more in store when it comes to the Incredible...

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    Just get yourself a HTC desire HD.

  • Frankie

    FWIW, Snapdragon has been updated to 45nm process with better GPU, making it at least equal to Samsung's Humminbird.

  • derek

    From what i have seen the HTC Thunderbolt is gonna be released on the 14 and verizon has made comments such as you will see the device sooner than you think. according to next weeks bestbuy add you will be able to pre order the Thunderbolt for $50