Well, this didn't take long - the hackers over at NotionInkHacks.com played around with Notion Ink's dual-core Adam Android tablet that finally started shipping last week and already managed to root the device.

The next logical step and the primary motivation for rooting Adam was, of course, getting the absent Android Market onto the tablet. As we all know, those with almighty root privileges are not easily stopped, so I'm happy to report that full Android Market is now also available on the Adam.

This article deals with a couple of advanced topics. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terms, hit up our primers here:


Check out these screenshots I've taken from videos by FreezerBite1 and Inspiron41 of their rooted Adams - the first one showing the Android Market, the second one playing Dungeon Defenders installed off said Market, and the third one of Launcher Pro that replaced the Eden UI (good riddance, in my opinion - I've always thought of it as too crude and poorly designed):

image image image


And here are the aforementioned videos:

Rooting + Market Instructions

Here are the latest available instructions, as per this NotionInkHacks post. If you are going to proceed, I would at this point advise you to check in with the above site in case more up-to-date instructions have been released. Of course, it goes without saying that we can't take any responsibilities for any problems that may occur down the road. The good news is, if you brick your Adam, it is easy to restore it back to a working state.

Root & Stability with Superuser & Google Market Access
Brought to you by the Team @ NotionInkHacks.com
Special thanks to Rothnic, Roebeet, Zerofeel, Dragonite, and Greg (NotionInkFan)
Root with Superuser & Google Market Access

ATTENTION: Please ensure that your ADAM is charged to at least 50% before beginning this process and plug it in as well.

First update your device to the most stable build available using the below guide:


Method 1
1. Download update.zip for your model device (DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW)
2. Copy update.zip to the root level of your Fat32 formatted SD card
3. Insert your SD Card into your ADAM
4. Power Down your Adam.
5. Press and hold the Vol+ and simultaneously press the power
6. Highlight and select update.zip from external SD (use the volume up and down to navigate and power to select)

Method 2
1. Download update.zip for your model device (DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW)
2. Power on your Adam for your model device
3. Plug your usb cable into your Adam and into your computer
4. Acknowledge the prompt in the notification bar and mount the internal memory
5. Copy the update.zip to the root of your Adams internal memory
6. Press and hold the Vol+ and simultaneously press the power
7. Highlight and select update.zip from external SD (use the volume up and down to navigate and power to select)

To undo changes or unbrick your device follow the following steps:


Notion Ink Adam Pixel qi download

Notion Ink Adam LCD

Rooted your Adam? Let us know how it went. There are a bunch of empty fields waiting to be filled out below.

Source: NotionInkHacks

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  • Uphor8

    Nice, but is it enough to outweigh all the physical problems it's been having with the camera and the screen, according to some reports?

    • Dune

      Two people so far have reported screen problems, and one of them also has the camera problem. Reviews by other owners have been quite positive. Another thing, there is no review of the normal LCD model yet. If you want full colour vibrancy and contrast depth, you could choose the LCD instead of the Pixel Qi, which is more appropriate for outdoor or mixed use, or if you have realistic expectations.

      All other problems apart from the above seem to be software related, and minor. There are a lot of happy Pixel Qi users out there, if you try to look around

  • Michel

    Where are this reports? i haven't seen that

  • Yogesh

    Adam rocks big time , it ws just outdated s/w causing those problems apart from single defective screen case.

  • Yogesh

    check out notioninkhack, notioninkfan , notionaddict for details.

  • BoB

    wow, works wonderfull

  • Inspiron41

    my video is on androidpolice! i feel so honored! but the real honor should go to the people at notioninkhacks.com and xda-developers!

    so far this tablet is great. this tablet in my book just leaped ahead of the Galaxy Tab now.

  • Jahangir Kabir

    Great - It worked. Thanks for the instructions.

  • Paul

    Why did you dislike the Eden UI? It seems like what held up the Adam mostly was the time and effort they put into the Eden UI. I know why people ditched the Tap n' Touch UI on the Viewsonic, it sucked big time and I really hope that they didn't put too much effort into it because it was truly wasted, but I think Notion Ink put a lot of effort into Eden and I'm wondering about its shortfallings? Did they mess up by putting so much time and effort into that UI? I wonder if new tablet and phone manufacturers should give up on their own custom UI's (except HTC, Sense is the only decent UI enhancement out there IMHO) and just stick to Launcher Pro or ADW EX. I mean why waste so much development effort on a custom UI when most people will want to ditch it for a ADW or Launcher Pro. Could save yourself a lot of development effort and get a product to market that much faster.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I dislike Eden for 2 reasons - it's another custom UI made by people without any experience (it's been said that none of the employees besides Rohan are over 25 years old), which means it'll be buggy and not thoroughly thought out. I don't like it visually and that red launcher is here straight from the 1990s. More importantly though, it's hack on top of an OS not created for tablets - the 3-window system is better than nothing I suppose but it's absolutely not what I want in a tablet. Honeycomb shows precisely the direction a tablet UI should be headed in - it's not a hack on top of Gingerbread.

  • Coolheart

    Can we sue Rohan shriven of Notion ink and his partner in USA Greg from Utah. How can I proceed with the lawsuite against a company like Notion ink. Is there any consumer forum or government website which deals with that. Notion has is run by liars, I can't believe they fooled so many people into thinking that their lies will be taken as truth. This 5% thing is all BS. Also that Greg guy is hand in glove with Rohan Shravan. He is now saying that he can't make a video of Adam because he is busy with his work and family, I say that is a load of Lies. When he can write a big essay on his blog why can,t he make a small 2 min video. Till he got his Adam he used to be online everyday with a slogan of being an Adam addict, I can't understand where that addiction went. I think his Adam also had issues with screen,and the Eden software. He is still waiting for a new Adam from Notion ink so that he can make a video to fool more people into thinking that the trashy tablet works. He was dreaming of becoming CEO of Notion ink, the North American chapter, but Alas the Liar Rohan from India shattered his dream with his lies.

    • Kam Siu

      you know people do have real life responsibilities. i have my priorities straight and hope you do too. i would always always hands down put my girlfriend first over any tech device i have.

  • Aditya Sharma

    I canceled my pre-order as everything appears to be a bunch of lies now..this is disgusting…i booked my device on the 10th..which is just one day after the pre-order actually started..and then getting bumped time and again is just too much to take..and that too from a company which you religiously want to succeed…i am mighty disappointed and i will never buy another product from notion ink…and i am one of those who was following this company and the Adam for more than a year…last time i check on this website. it means nothing to me anymore.

  • Samuel

    buy an android it will eat 10 days and your hair still it will partially work, Not worth, from Bangalore