Sony's new PlayStation Suite isn't the PlayStation Phone (or the Xperia Play) we were expecting, but it's arguably something even better for those of us who love gaming but hate the idea of giving up our current Android device(s).

Sony claims that PlayStation Suite will offer "legendary original PlayStation content" and says it will be a "cross platform, cross device" PSOne emulator. In reality, it's limited to Android 2.3 and beyond - a version of Android only one currently available handset runs (and it's not Sony's own Xperia X10). Still, PS Suite does look intriguing, especially when you consider Sony's "PlayStation Certified" program for hardware manufacturers, which will, supposedly, ensure a high-quality gaming experience.

PS Suite is coming "within this calendar year," along with the PlayStation Store, which is where the PSOne games will be downloaded from. Things might get even more interesting down the road - Sony mentions that PlayStation Suite "will provide a new game development environment." Quality Android game store, anybody?

Here's the full press release:

Simultaneously Launching "PlayStation®Certified" License Program to Provide PlayStation® Content and Development Support for Android™ Based Portable Devices
Tokyo, January 27, 2011– Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today unveiled "PlayStation®Suite" (PS Suite), delivering the PlayStation® experience to Android™ based portable devices*1. Through this entirely new initiative, users will be able to enjoy PlayStation content on an open operating system for the first time in PlayStation history. In the dramatically evolving and diversifying mobile market, the number of users who enjoy games casually on a variety of devices including mobile phones, smart-phones and tablet PCs, has been increasing significantly. By offering "PlayStation quality" content to this rapidly growing market, SCE will not only deliver the PlayStation experience to a wider base of users around the globe, but will also be able to offer game developers and publishers the potential to further expand their business opportunities to these devices.
In providing the PlayStation experience on Android based portable devices, SCE will commence a "PlayStation®Certified" license program for hardware manufacturers. Through this program, SCE will offer necessary support, including development support as well as logo licensing, to ensure the delivery of PlayStation quality experience across various devices.
On the software front, SCE plans to provide PS Suite content within this calendar year, starting with original PlayStation games*2 (PS one® classics) that will allow users to enjoy "PlayStation quality" gameplay on their Android based portable devices. SCE also plans to open PlayStation®Store where users will be able to download content in an easy to use environment, directly via the Android based portable devices. Moreover, SCE will provide a new game development environment in an effort to ensure new and compelling content is delivered on PS Suite, which will also offer opportunities for a wider base of developers and publishers to further expand their business on various portable devices.
Newly developed content for PS Suite can also be enjoyed on the next generation portable entertainment system (codename: NGP), which SCE announced today. Users who have never experienced PlayStation content can get a taste of the PlayStation experience through PS Suite and from there, they can enjoy the ultimate portable entertainment experience that is only possible on NGP.
SCE will vigorously enhance the entertainment world delivering the PlayStation experience to a wider base of users.
*1 Android™ 2.3 or beyond is required.
*2 PS one game console software title. We will announce the tiles when ready.

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Jaroslav Stekl
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  • NuLL.n.VoiD

    This is an absolutely horrible idea for the Android phone scene!!! Sony is notorious for requiring the most strict and invasive DRM on the planet. This flies in the face of what Android is about, openness. Will the ability to play the games go away when the phones are moded (they undoubtedly will be)? Please Google, for the love of God, don't get into bed with these folks. You will catch a disease.

  • Droidfan

    Null, I feel your pain. But this is what Android is all about. Open source. But it is also the beauty of Android. You don't have to drink Sony's Koolaid if you don't want to.
    You may not be able to play Sony's games, but thats your choice. And if this development expands the Android field of influence, it will attract high quality game developers that may be easier to live with. To paraphrase John Lennon.....Give Android a chance.

  • Caspar

    Could NGP be refering to Xperia Play? Or am I reading too much into it.
    Regardless, this is very exciting. I'll be racing my fully sup'd GTO around Mountain Circuit during lunch in no time :D

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      No, 'NGP' is a reference to the next generation PSP, which Sony announced at the same event as PS Suite and PS Store.