Nexus S owners, listen up. If you own Samsung's flagship "Google Experience" device, it's likely you've experienced a random reboot bug that we reported on over 2 weeks ago. The Google bug tracker thread for this issue has been a roller coaster of emotion - after getting filled with a large number of comments, it was declined by a Google employee, only to be reopened shortly after due to a public outcry.

As if adding fuel to the fire, the thread was closed yet again in the past hour by a different employee. His action were reverted mere minutes later, which is making me wonder whether Google engineers sometimes need to talk to each other a bit more often. In Google's defense, there was already another report on the Mobile Help forums tracking this issue and they were trying to keep feedback down to a single location.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago, Ry Guy, an authoritative figure from the Android team, finally provided a relatively concrete and promising response to the Google Mobile Help thread:

Hello again everyone,

The initial results of our tests look very promising. At this rate we will most likely be rolling out an OTA to resolve this issue within one to two weeks. We really appreciate your patience as we do our final verifications on this fix before sending it out.

-Ry Guy

So there you have it. Hopefully, the Android team will find no complications during testing, and teary-eyed Nexus S owners will be seeing an OTA notification in the promised 1-2 week period.

On a completely unrelated note, maybe this photo I snapped at CES will cheer you up in the meantime:


Source: Google Mobile Help forum, Android Bug #13674

Thanks to Taylor and @monolithnyc for bringing this to our attention.

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  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    Oddly, not once. Yet the rebooting was so bad on my Milestone it got refunded and the Galaxy S was nearly unusable until 2.2. Nexus S though? Not once.


  • Jay

    Yeah I don't think it's anywhere near as widespread as what people have made it out to be. Never happened once to me either. Again, you only ever hear from the people that are affected.

  • Danny UK

    At the risk of a "me too" I also have to say that my Nexus S has not rebooted itself once.

  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    I get the impression that Android on the whole has this situation, and at that it is extremely random in who it happens to and when.

    There is an open discussion on XDA Developers where we eventually pinned down the Galaxy S rebooting and "coma" issue to 3G cellular data only, it was very odd. And only a few of us globally.

    But then if you were to search for similar symptoms in XDA Dev's forum you will find a number of other Android phones with the same complaints.

  • Mike Lothian

    I had lots of Reboots with Gingerbread on my N1 but only whilst using USB teathering

    • three_pineapples

      I've had a reboot on my nexus one about once a day on CM7 nightlies (gingerbread). I was putting it down to unstable nightlies, but maybe it's a more generic gingerbread issue?

      Well either way it's getting fixed eventually!

  • jason

    i've had one random reboot on my nexus s. was there any mention of what the cause is?

  • http://iandouglas.com Ian Douglas

    I bought a Nexus S on release day. I've had several reboots. In fact, the phone rebooted the first day I had it. On average, it randomly reboots at least once or twice per week.

    I had it reboot once during a phone call, but most often it crashes while listening to music, especially with streaming audio (Pandora). I've had a few random reboots, even one just two days ago, where it was charging on my desk, I got up from my desk and grabbed my phone, and walked just far enough from my office for Wifi to kick off, and the phone rebooted.

  • http://i-4net.blogspot.com/ Nexus Android

    I am Nexus owner, thank for the info

  • bryan

    I've had several reboots. Two reboots today. Doesn't seem to matter what the phone is doing. During a call or just sitting on the table.

  • johannah

    Has anyone's Nexus S simply died (after a couple of months of numerous random reboots)? I think I need a new phone. It won't charge - is deader than dead. Maybe I got a bum device. But I really like this phone! Any fixes?

  • squaleon

    was the OTA released already? I still have reboots during a call up to this point.