Worms, the much-anticipated game by EA Mobile, is now available in the Android market for $2.99. Between this and Angry Birds, you're never going to get any work done.

Worms is a turn-based strategy game centering around your battle worms duking it out with other battle worms. You get all the classic weapons from the original Worms, as well as the hilarious dialogue and animation.  The game looks great and gameplay is buttery-smooth on my Evo. If you like bugs, crazy weapons, and/or explosions, this is the game for you.

image image

You can grab it from the market by scanning this barcode:

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.worms_na

Brad Ganley
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  • Matt W

    Interestingly, the QR code leads me to 'this item could not be found', but a search for Worms shows it in the Market. Since it's charging that in Euros rather than Dollars, maybe there's a different instance of it for Europe?

    • Alan Tucker

      You have to buy it from EA Mobile, it's not available in the UK yet either.

      So, "Productivity Takes Another Massive Hit World-Wide", not in the UK at least!!!

  • TT

    Not available in the UK. Very sad that this still happens in 2011. Oh well, fortunately a simple Google search helps.

  • Ron H in Schenectady

    doesn't work on the galaxy tab. unsupported device. sad day.

  • Z

    Doesn't work on Droid X either. Wonder what it actually does work on.

  • http://schoonsplace.blogspot.com Schoon

    Seems to work fine on the Droid Incredible, don't have time to mess around with it too much right now though.

  • OFI

    Have the fixed the movement at all yet? Previously it was next to impossible to jump forwards.. or so I hear.

  • Zigmar

    Crashes with OOM exception on HTC Desire Z. Pity, was hoping for a good ol' worms on my phone...

  • http://www.besttoshiba.com/ Best Toshiba Satellite

    I will try to install this game to my android, i hope this will work properly and not crashes as said before, :)

    and if i got new question, i will ask you all right?