With training for the HTC Thunderbolt starting today, a few Thunderbolt goodies surfaced. According to the leaked screenshot, the HTC Thunderbolt will be able to handle both voice and data simultaneously on Verizon 3G. As many of you probably already know, Verizon's CDMA network was incapable of producing this in the past (voice and data use separate channels on CDMA), but apparently HTC and Big Red have done some magic and figured out a way on this new 4G device.


For those who can’t see the text in the watermark in the image above:

There is functionality in the Thunderbolt that allows simultaneous voice and data while on the VZW 3G network, however, we cannot promise the experience will be one that is consistent with our brand.  As a result, do not reference this functionality as a benefit during your conversations with customers.

Not too sure yet on how they did it, but I can't wait to find out.  Honestly though, does this make anyone want a Thunderbolt more than they did before, or is this device just "meh" for you?

Source: Phandroid

  • JayMcnamara

    hahaha I love how the Verizon employees still closed data from there own employer(:

  • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    It is possible that the HTC Thunderbolt radio firmware was modified to make sure that it can do voice and data simultaneously in certain situations (i.e. browsing while a call is active), but with the way CDMA works, I'd imagine that the data rates would be drastically reduced, and possibly very unreliable. CDMA was never designed to work like this, and it is probably smart that Verizon won't advertise this feature as a benefit...

    • rob

      Nothing is modified in a sense, it has 2 antennae 1 cdma(voice) and 1 lte(data). Just like w/ the EVO on sprint it can do voice and data at the same time when 4G/WiMax is on.

  • Hellershanks

    all I am concerned about right now is when the bloody thing is coming out!

  • Jaymoon

    When Sprint announced their big event in February, reading their tagline "making the impossible, possible", simultaneous voice and data was the first thing that popped into my mind.

    SVDO, the upgrade to EVDO (3G), was announced back in August, and it sounds like it's ready for prime time soon!

    Since Verizon is discouraging talking about their own feature, sounds like Sprint has an exclusive (or is at least just ahead of the game in rolling it out). I can't seem to find out though if SVDO will be supported with new hardware, or if it is something that can be incorporated through a software update? Or better yet, Sprint/Verizon could just flip a switch and enable it on current hardware?... :o

  • Rick

    I tethered my Bolt with ASUS laptop (Linux OS) then made a call at the same time, worked well no lagging. Hung up made a second call without issues. However, battery is a major issue and bloatware is horrible. Wish I could root this phone.