Thanks to a leaked slide, some rumored release dates for upcoming T-Mobile 4G devices have been cemented. First up is Dell's Streak 7, which is set to debut on February 2; that will be followed by the Galaxy S 4G on February 23, while the Honeycomb-sporting G-Slate won't be launching until March 23.

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Also leaked were two promos for the Streak 7 that nail down an on-contract (presumably) price of $299 - a pretty good deal for two cores and 7 inches of screen real-estate. T-Mobile's 4G lineup isn't lacking for tablets, but a refreshed Galaxy S handset probably isn't going to turn heads when compared to HTC's Thunderbolt or Motorola's Atrix 4G. Hopefully the MWC will bring some new guns to T-Mobile's 4G phone arsenal.

Source: TmoNews

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    Los Angeles Times Reporting from Seoul — South Korea's technology czar was meeting with reporters a few weeks ago when talk turned to smart phones and the choice faced by tens of millions of tech- savvy consumers here: whether to buy Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4 or Samsung Electronics Co.'s Galaxy S. Hwang Chang-gyu admitted that he owned both phones. Then he dropped a bombshell: He actually preferred his iPhone, calling it "more convenient" than its homegrown competitor."The reason we couldn't make a smart phone like iPhone is that we don't know how to shoot ahead," he said.
    interesting comment coming from a former scamscum executive he should know........