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Every year, Google takes over the Moscone Center in San Francisco (a convenient train ride away from me) and hosts a full-blown conference called Google I/O. The usual schedule consists of 2 opening keynotes followed by presentations and demos related to all kinds of Google technologies. Google I/O also gives you an excellent chance to mingle with developers from all over the world, network, and exchange contact information. My favorite part is something called Fireside Chats, where developers from a specific team in Google sit around, talk about their product, and answer questions. Oh, and of course, the swag and t-shirts with secret QR codes.

Of course, what I/O nowadays would be complete without a whole series of Android-related keynotes? Last year, for example, Android 2.2 "Froyo," one of the most groundbreaking Android updates, was announced and demoed, and everyone in attendance received an EVO 4G a whopping 2 weeks before the phone's official release. That's in addition to getting a free Droid or Nexus One just for signing up. Let's just say we're excited to go this year... *cough* tablets *cough* Honeycomb.

Some Highlights

  • When: Google I/O 2011 starts on May 10th and ends on May 11th.
  • Where: Moscone Center in San Francisco (747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103).
  • How much:
    • Early Bird Price (until 4/16/11) $450
    • List Price (starting 4/17/11) $550
    • Academia (student, faculty) $150
    • BootCamp +$100 (all registration types)
  • Who: Around 5500 developers and members of press.
  • Unlike CES, all sessions are open and no pre-scheduling is needed.
  • Note: Registration is not open just yet - follow the site or @GoogleIO to find out when it will open up.

Update: According to Vic Gundotra, who spoke at the Day 2 keynote of last year's Google I/O, general registration will begin on February 7th.
  • The keynotes will be streamed live online, just like last year.
  • Here are the Android talks that have already been announced:
    • Building Android Apps for Google TV (the Google TV Android SDK should be available by then), presented by Andres Ferrate and Daniels Lee
    • Building Web Apps for Google TV, presented by Jason Bayer and Christian Kurzke
    • Android Market for Developers (maybe we'll see that web-based Android Market this time around?), presented by Eric Chu
    • Honeycomb Highlights, presented by Romain Guy and Chet Haase
    • Android Development Tools (definitely going to this one to meet Xavier Ducrohet and Tor Norbye in person - these guys have been fixing ADT bugs I've been filing in mere days)
    • Designing and Implementing Android UIs for Phones and Tablets, presented by Roman Nurik and Adam Powell
    • And last but not least, my favorite Fireside Chat with the Android Team

For more information on Google I/O, visit the official Google I/O 2011 site and keep an eye out for the official Google I/O Android app, which should come out later.

So, who else is massively excited?

P.S. I just love the format for the agenda - very easy to read:


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  • TareX

    Bummer... looks like Ice Cream won't launch in May.... probably just Honeycomb for phones.

  • http://www.ocdtrekkie.com ocdtrekkie

    Ice Cream Sandwich will likely be on phones before Honeycomb is on phones. Since Ice Cream Sandwich is Android 2.4.

    I'd imagine it'll be around Android 3.1 or 3.2 that 3.x starts getting put on phones.

    • three_pineapples

      Ice Cream Sandwich is not 2.4. The article where that rumour started, linked back to another article they had written which didn't suggest 2.4 was Ice Cream Sandwich.

      It's all a load of BS.

      No way would Google order their OS versions in such a retarded order.

      1.5 Cupcake
      1.6 Donut
      2.0 Eclair
      2.1 Eclair
      2.2 Froyo
      2.3 Gingerbread
      2.4 Gingerbread
      3.0 Honeycomb
      x.x Ice Cream Sandwich

      The point of 3.0 is that they are making android scale to devices with any size screens. Thus they don't need to make a special version for phones, however since honeycomb is being developed for Tegra 2, there will be a slight delay while it is ported to Qualcom hardware (though carrier/manufacturers will be used to porting android to their hardware by now anyway!)

      • Mike

        +1 - there's no reason to assume anything about Ice Cream Sandwich's version #. It might be the one where the 2 converge which will likely be above 3.0, but it might not be. We just don't know.

  • Michael S.

    As an owner of the Logitech Revue I'm primarily looking forward to seeing what's going to come out of the Google TV session. Adding the Android Market to the Google TV platform will serve to further enhance what is already a great product. Heh, I bought mine from work for only $179 (DISH Network) and love how I'm easily able to search for something to watch and it'll pull up options on my DVR/schedule, Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, and the web. There is no other companion device on the market even close.

  • SantaTeresaHills

    Yea, I also have a Logitech Revue. Of course Google sent me one for free because I went to Google I/O last year.

    I really do want to see the Google TV Apps. I imagine companies like Hulu that are blocking Google TV from accessing videos will write their own app so that they can control the access exactly as they want. I originally though the apps by small developers would really be interesting but now I think the large media companies will be the ones to become the most popular apps for Google TV.

    • Michael S.

      @SantaTeresaHills, I'm quite jealous of the free Revue. But then again, I was not at Google I/O last year so I can understand that.

      And I agree with you - it will probably end up being the large media companies that have the most popular apps, along with the likes of Facebook and maybe even Zynga. I'm excited to see what will develop out of this and the dev tools for websites that Google is putting out.