TmoNews posted an image last night confirming that tomorrow, the price of the Galaxy Tab with a new T-Mobile 2-year contract will be cut to just $250 after mail-in rebate - $50 less than the current mark. Price cuts for the Galaxy Tab have been popping up all over it seems, and after Verizon announced that it'll be getting a new-and-improved 4G Galaxy Tab with a faster 1.2GHz processor, it makes sense. Unfortunately, the Tab will still cost you 500 big ones off-contract at T-Mo.


And if you live in the UK and are in the market to buy an Android tablet (or any tablet, for that matter), now is the time to consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Tesco has just reduced the price of the Galaxy Tab from £499.00 to £359.20 ($566).


A number of Android tablets were demoed during CES 2011, and they will be released soon. It is likely that Tesco and T-Mobile are attempting to clear their stock before the arrival of all the new tablets. Either way, this is a great time to pick up a Galaxy Tab - unless your heart is set on one of those Honeycomb tablets, of course.

Credit: Tesco Direct via Eurodroid, TmoNews

Abhiroop Basu
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  • johnny99

    No-contract price on these needs to come down more to make them interesting.

    • David Ruddock

      The Tesco price is without a contract, and although the currency conversion makes it seem like a ripoff, it's far more accurate to consider that pricing equivalent to 360USD because of the natural disparity in the cost of consumer electronics in the UK/Europe.

  • roseventyfour

    it's already outdated, and if their not planning to update it everyone is going to drop the price.

  • worldbfree4me

    It appears that the masses have spoken with their wallets. If Sammy would have launched a WiFi only version like they said they would, they could have sold a few more instead of resorting this type of desperation. They lied, like they lie about the upgrading the OS.