For anybody who is still using their mobile browser to get weather information, Google has made a neat addition to their mobile site. By searching "weather," you'll see the new widget, and in addition to the same information you'd see regularly, it now has a slider that allows you to see an hour-by-hour forecast of the day. Temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and humidity will change, as will the background of the widget to reflect the time of day.


This isn't anything too different than what you would see in a weather app, but the fact that it's all done within the browser makes a strong case for the future of web apps. For now, however, it's just an awesome effect.

Note: Currently, this only seems to be functional for those in the US. Also, it doesn't seem to work in Dolphin Browser HD unless the slider is disabled.

Source: Google Mobile

  • Alan Tucker

    This works in the UK as well!!!!

  • jjjjjj

    Works on dolphin browser hd and also work the slider. Very cool......

  • BangPowBoom

    Works on my stock browser, but not with opera mini....... of course


  • amartyca

    Does this even qualify as a widget? I would just think its a web app

  • umadbro

    Works in Finland too so I guess you can count this feature as global.

  • Bloodflame

    Working for me in Canada using Miren Browser on a MIUI-based Android ROM.

    I wouldn't classify it as a widget, but it is handy :)