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Despite the massive hype in the Android community surrounding Motorola's super-charged Atrix 4G, there has been little word on the device's pricing or release date. Fortunately, an internal Best Buy meeting has confirmed some important information. There are some conflicting reports on the phone's release: some say it will be arriving at stores on February 13, while others claim that it will be released on that day. Either way, the device will launch at Best Buy stores before any others, though it's unknown how long that exclusivity will last.

Arguably the most anticipated feature of the Atrix 4G - the laptop dock - has also been given a price: $150. Some may complain that that is too high for a computer shell that doesn't even include a processor, but when compared to cheapest netbooks on the market today, it's not bad.

February 13 isn't too far away, so we won't have to wait long until this pricing information is confirmed.

Source: Android Forums, Android Central Forums via Phandroid

  • http://twitter.com/N301DQ MRCUR

    I'll certainly be getting one on day one - whenever that may be.

  • Chris

    Wow, I had expected it would be more expensive.

  • MeatRocket

    AT&T historically releases phones on Sunday. My Captivate was released on a Sunday, July 18th. Feb 13th seems perfectly plausible.

  • http://twitter.com/bryanz Bryan

    Looking at PC Docking Stations / Port Replicators (I'm assuming the dock functions in much the same way) I'd say that price is pretty fair. Dell's certainly aren't cheap.

  • James

    I'll pass. I don't need another computer.