Last Updated: January 28th, 2011

Though Google may have fixed two infamous SMS issues via the recent Android 2.2.2 and 2.3.2 updates, it appears at least one bug is still unconquered. Namely, some users are reporting that when they tap on the "New Message" alert in the notification bar, all their SMS conversations get deleted.

Our tipster experienced this on his HTC Desire Z, but he tells us that two of his friends - one using a Nexus One and the other on a Galaxy S - have come across the same bug. Additionally, several Google Code users have encountered this issue on their Motorola Droids, Droid Incredibles, EVOs, and other Android devices. It isn't exclusive to certain versions of the Android OS, either - we've seen reports of it happening on 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1, and 2.2.

Update: The issue now has "High" priority on Google Code - a nice start. Hopefully it's on Google's to-do list for the next version of Android.

Unfortunately, the issue's priority is still "Medium" on Google Code, despite the fact that it was first reported there in December of 2009. Like the previous two SMS bugs, this isn't some small nuisance; it is a pretty major problem that Google needs to fix as soon as possible (preferably in the next Android update).

Let's hope they can accomplish this - you can do your part by voting for the issue on its Google Code page.

Source: Google Code

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Jaroslav Stekl
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  • http://twitter.com/jstnbsn Justin B

    CyanogenMod tries to fix that issue by having a "keep in memory" option for MMS.apk

  • Mike Lothian

    I use CyanogemMod with this option and I once fell fowl if it. I use SMS Backup+ now to keep my messages synced up with Gmail in real time :D

    It's quite handy too when I leave my phone in the house - can read my missed texts

  • three_pineapples

    Look like it is only affecting people with a large SMS database. Basically if android runs out of memory while writing the DB, it corrupts it, and wipes the DB next time it accesses it.

    Big bug yes. Random? not really.

  • Chris

    you could use another messaging application for the time being handcent or chompsms are both good. handcent has a nifty quick reply box and is highly customizable

  • Dan

    In reply to the last two comments, this happened to me when I only had about 100 messages so it's not that (and no, the "delete old messages" option wasn't on). And this bug still happens even if using another messaging application such as Handcent so it's not that either. It's a serious bug.

    Also, if it wasn't random there would be even less of an excuse as to why it hasn't been fixed yet.

  • Devfrost

    I don't know about this bug and have not experience it. Of course that could be due to the fact that my messaging don't even reach 100 since I bought the phone 3 months ago. Kept on experimenting and has to reinstall it...

  • Harold

    This has been a known issue on Android for over a year. See this thread: http://bit.ly/ctnTCa.

    For whatever reason, it never got the notoriety that the "wrong recipient" bug got. It's all over the HTC forums, which, of course, are not frequented by anybody who cashes an HTC paycheck.

    I know several Incredible users plagued by this problem on a routine basis. I have never experienced it, but I generally don't have more than a dozen messages aboard, if that. I rarely have any need to retain text messages.

  • Steve

    Nexus One
    Android 2.2.2

    10 minutes before reading this article I got a text message and my threads are fine. Tapped the new message alert in my notification bar, all my threads are still there. Even the threads from months ago.

  • mikeymop

    I experienced the problem on Sense when I flashed the rooted version of official 2.2. When I moved to AOSP ROMs I stopped experiencing the problems. It's not much of a worry however since all my SMS are backed into Gmail.

  • GigiAUT

    The day I read this article I laughed about it thinking it was only in the new updates...little did I know that on that very night, the same thing happened to me. Opened my inbox the next day, NOTHING!

  • http://twitter.com Sharj

    I faced that problem in the beginning of January. One morning I woke up and all my SMS were gone. I have NexusOne 2.2.1