Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications and games that went live in the Market or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. The list this week is MASSIVE - way to go, devs!

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Best New Android Apps

Kongregate Arcade

Android Police coverage: Updated: Kongregate Arcade Launches On Android With 300+ Flash-Based Games

Arcade is a mini-Market, containing currently over 300 free Flash games, hand-picked by Kongregate. It originally launched in the Android Market but was swiftly removed by Google for being a Market within a Market. You can download Arcade over at http://www.kongregate.com/android.

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Songbird for Android Beta

Songbird is a popular Mozilla XULRunner-based music player, and now it has an Android beta.

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Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents!
+ Colorful glow graphics.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ Quick play mode (single player), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane).
+ 4 selectable paddles and pucks.
+ Vibrate when goal.

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Simply Clock Live Wallpaper

A simple but artistic analogue clock live wallpaper!
For advance users, you can go into Settings > Edit Screen to customise the location, transparency, size etc of the live wallpaper elements.

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Typography Wall Live Wallpaper

Android Police coverage: Stylish And Flexible "Typography Wall" Clock/Date/Battery Live Wallpaper Enters Android Market

An artistic wall with clock, calendar and battery info on your mobile screen!
It also provide rich customization under setting page. You can use your own wallpaper or photo as the live wallpaper background.
For advance user, you may like to try the Edit screen feature to change the size, location, transparency of the clock, calendar and batter level text!

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Go Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX is the extra version of GO Launcher , one of the most popular launcher app in android market , provides elegant themes ,fast performance and convenient experience .
-Themes supported (search “go launcher ex theme” to download)
-Smooth scrolling experience (set the flip speed in display settings)
-Icon popup menu (long press icon on the screen)
-Gesture supported (both screen and dock icon)
-Folders and task manage in app drawer (hold icon to enter edit mode)
-Removable screen previews (use two finger to 'squeez' on the screen)
-Supported scrollable & resizable widgets (free)

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History Eraser

Erase history data on your Android device, very easy to use!
*Clean Browser History
*Clean Call Log
*Clean Market Search History
*Clean Google Map Search History
*Clean Gmail Search History
*Clean Clipboard Data
*Clean Youtube Search History
*Clean Google Search History(Android >= 1.6)

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Root Checker by Joey Krim

** This application will NOT provide root access **
This application will allow the user to confirm they have proper root (super user) access.
The goal of this application is to provide even the newest Android user with a simple method to check for root access on their phone. This application will also provide a simple notification whether or not Busybox has been installed properly.
This is a very simple application to notify the user whether or not they have properly setup root access and whether or not they have properly installed busybox.



SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android.
This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like "terminal" and "adb shell") or edit files (through SFTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, etc...).
Root is optional but not required to run this application.

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3.0 Honeycomb Clock Lite

Want a bite of Android Honeycomb, no need to wait....download this futuristic clock themed off the one found in Android 3.0. Goes great with any Tron themed layouts as well.


Game Dev Story Lite

A free version of this very popular game.

Manage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulation.
Features the ability to develop your company's own game console, plus a system for changing your staff members' professions.
Your staff members can have a variety of game-related professions, from programmer to sound engineer.
Work hard and you may reach the top of the video game industry!
The Lite version allows you to play through 2 full in-game years.

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Dialer2 is a fast T9 dialer and call log application for android.
It is inspired by the HTC Dialer in functionality and the Twicca twitter application in design.
* Speed Dial (long click on contact to set as speed dial, long click on number to call speed dial)
* Call Log
* Fast T9 dialer
* Facebook contact image sync (requires latest facebook version to be installed and contact sync to be on)
* Filtering on contacts based on contact names or numbers
* Click to call default number
* Long click to open alternate contact view

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Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim

“Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” is a vast magical world where you are honoured with the crown of a tiny fairytale kingdom. When you become the head of the country all the responsibility for the land's prosperity rests on your royal shoulders. You will have to fight various enemies and monsters, explore new territories, manage economic and scientific developments and solve a heap of unusual and unexpected tasks. For example, what will you do when all the gold in the kingdom transforms into cookies? Or how will you bring back the trolls who robbed caravans and whose disappearance ruins the economy of the country?

The core feature of “Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” is that you cannot control your citizens directly. There are a lot of heroes in your lands: valiant warriors and warlike barbarians, powerful wizards and grim necromancers, industrious dwarves and skilful elves plus many more. But all of them live their own lives and decide for themselves what to do at any moment. You are able to issue orders but heroes will follow your commands only for a sizeable reward. “Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” contains elements of role play: while fulfilling your orders, the heroes improve their skills and talents, as well as earn cash to be spent on new equipment, weapons, and magical elixirs.

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X Construction

Build a bridge with the given amount of girders to let the train safely cross the valley.

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ADW Theme Matrix Pro

From the creator of the amazingly detailed Tron Legacy Pro theme.

A ultra-detailed Matrix inspired ADW Theme.
Matrix code effect and colors studied to be exactly as seen in the movie!
TONS of ICONS totally reskinned for this theme, a lot of new icons coming!
For ICONS SUGGESTIONS, send an e-mail and suggest the icons you want see included in next theme update. I will make the updates available as soon as new icons are created.
Designed for MDPI and HDPI.

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GPS Share

Have you ever been trying to meet friends in a large public space, but been unable to find each other? I created GPS Share for just such a scenario.
Use GPS Share to share your location how you want, whether it's with SMS/text messaging, Email, Twitter, or something else. Because GPS Share uses no external services besides Google Maps, your privacy isn't a concern. GPS Share is an Open Source application and has no advertising. Internet access is used only to download Google Maps tiles.

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HexDefense Free

Navigate challenging levels, building and upgrading towers to create mazes that leave enemy creeps marching to their death! With explosive OpenGL-based graphics and 3D stereo sound, HexDefense brings the arcade intensity of tower defense to Android like never before. Watch creeps explode and rockets fly across the hexagonal playing field as you defend your home tile against wave after wave of attackers. The game is fast and intense–easy to play, but very tough to master!

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Action Snap

Simple camera apps fantastic for capturing action and movement.
** Aim the camera at your moving subject, press the button! Now enjoy the photo of your subject "sampled" into four frames. **
The 4 frames can be arrange as 1x4 or 2x2.
Besides the LOMO filter, the apps also feature a Black/White filter.

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Chess Buddies

Play Chess against your friends and people from around the world. You can play up to 50 games at once with different people, so if one of your friends isn't getting back to you with their move and you want to play someone, just kick off another game with a random person!

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Metro UI (BETA)

BETA release of a WM7 clone.

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All My Enemies Lite

Impressive vertical space shooter, HD Graphics and Music.

Nice graphics.
Superb music and realistic sound effects.
12 levels.
6 different planets.
6 deadly final bosses.
Loads of differents enemies ships flying in strategic formations.
Gather bonuses, lives and 9 weapons upgrades.
Two modes of control: tilting or touching.
Graphics quality adjustable to improve the performance in low-end smartphones.
Works fullscreen on Android Tablets.
All screens supported.
APP2SD supported.
Integration with ScoreLoop online leaderboards.

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Cover Art Grabber

Cover Art Grabber can help you to download the missing cover art for your albums on the phone.
1. Download cover art from online databases.
2. High resolution cover art.
3. Auto background fetching mode, no waiting.
4. free, no charge.

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Valentine Heart Live Wallpaper by Go Launcher Dev Team

A stunning live wallpaper of shining and drifting hearts. Make your Valentine's day full of sweet and romance.
1. Shining color and stunning styles.
2. Touch hearts to fluoresce them.
3. 6 different themes.
4. Fully customized option.
5. Totally Free

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Mr. Runner

Mr. Runner is a fast paced running style game. Tap on screen to control Mr. Runner to run fast or slow, to find space or building for survival!
Enjoy beautiful buildings and museums on the way!

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Medscape by WebMD

Medscape app for Android™ now available! Medscape from WebMD is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, FREE medical app available for healthcare professionals.
-Fast & Comprehensive Drug Reference, including herbals and supplements
-Powerful Drug Interaction Checker
-In-depth Disease & Condition Reference and Treatment Guide
-Procedures Reference
-Tables & Protocols Reference
-Daily Medical News & Alerts
-Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) activities
-Physician, Pharmacy, and Hospital Directories
-Unlimited FREE access to all features
-Offline access to the clinical reference (no Internet connection required)

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Unlock a whole new mountain experience with EpicMix at Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, Beaver Creek, and Heavenly Resorts. Track your vertical feet, earn digital Pins for achievements, connect with Facebook and Twitter to automatically share, access trail maps, lift status, run conditions, weather reports, and much more.

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Add a phone line to your Android device with unlimited calling and texting. Use Line2 for business or pleasure to keep your personal cell phone number private, place calls where you don’t have cell reception, or reduce your cell bill. PC Mag Editors’ Choice Award winner for mobile VoIP apps. Try it free for 30 days then pay just $9.95 a month for unlimited calling and texting in the United States and Canada.
Line2 Key Features:
* Your own unique phone number
* Make calls over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular data networks using VoIP
* Make calls using cellular voice calling when VoIP isn’t an option
* Call waiting, call hold, call transfer, and conferencing
* Visual voicemail on your phone or by email
* Text messaging (SMS) in portrait or landscape mode
* Low international rates

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Gina Trapani’s Todo.txt Touch

Future-proof your todo list and store it in a plain text file YOU control. Todo.txt Touch manages your personal todo.txt file and syncs it with Dropbox. The discerning nerd's task manager of choice, Todo.txt Touch makes it easy to add, update and prioritize tasks, tag them with project names and contexts, search, filter, and most importantly, mark your todo's done.

Countless apps and sites store your tasks in their own proprietary database and file format. But you can open a todo.txt file with every text editor under the sun. Currently coupled with Dropbox (and eventually, other cloud sources) Todo.txt Touch helps you manage your todo.txt on the go and automatically syncs the file back to all your computers and devices.

Todo.txt Touch is the mobile companion app to Todo.txt CLI, a command line interface to todo.txt. Find out more about the Todo.txt project at http://todotxt.com.

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Play.fm Music Streaming

Play.fm is the #1 music app for listening to live recorded DJ Mixes from clubs and festivals all over the world. Take your favorite DJ Mixes with you for listening anytime, anywhere.
* Listen to top-ranked DJs from over 180 countries
* Get instant access to mixes recorded live in clubs, at festivals and radio shows
* Sort DJ mixes by editorial features, popularity and most recent
* Search and find your favorite mixes instantly
* Filter mixes by genres
* Jump to your favorite part within any mix with audio skipping to the second
Includes 90 days of unlimited use. Then five hours listening time allowed per month. For more information on unlimited listening time please go to www.play.fm/premium.
Play.fm requires internet access when streaming music, which may result in extra charges depending on your data plan.
Please check with your mobile operator for more details. 1 hour listening means 60MB data transfer (128kbps/s). With 1 GB you can listen for 17 hours.

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Galaxy_S Unlock

Sim unlock Galaxy S (I9000) and his Variants (Vibrant, Captivate).
Don't use on Docomo, Docomo don't have the same nv_data.
If you don't have any code for sim unlock, if SGS Unlock Tool don't send codes, this apk is made for you !!!
New I9000 models havent new nv_data, select the good step2 for unlock if at origin your phone is on 2.1 or 2.2.
Need: Root + Busybox + Active internet connection
This is not a final version, made a backup of your efs folder for security
This apk need internet 1-2 seconds for download 15kb~ (compressed generic unlocked nv_data file made by me)
After need 60seconds~ for decompile and rebuilt new nv_data with generic one and your actual nv_data file.

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PC Remote Controller

Use your mobile device to remote control your PC with touch screen with realtime video and keyboard and mouse control
Simple to use with easy mouse control, automatic network scanner, and intuitive UI with multimedia controls
(check out included pictures)

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SeamlessWeb Food Delivery

Seamless food delivery right from your phone! Place orders for delivery or takeout from over 6,000 restaurants in NYC (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn), Washington DC, and select areas within NY Metro, DC Metro, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. SeamlessWeb means no fees, exclusive discounts, and no hassle.

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Warspear Online

Warspear Online - online game which includes all the general features and best traditions of MMORPG games. When you enter the game you dive into a colorful world with it's own history, full of unforgettable adventures. Here you can find new friends from all over the world. Appearance of your character depends on items you are equipped with.
Hundreds of unique quests won't let you get bored, and fights with various monsters in real-time mode will make the game exciting and eventful. You can estimate all advantages of the gameplay in real-time even on low-speed mobile Internet.

To continue playing after the free period you will just need to buy game subscription. Untill the next game update the cost of a 30-day subscription is $ 2.99.

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Wild West Sheriff

There is a new Sheriff in town. And that is you! In this engaging Wild West sniper game your job is to uphold law and order on the prairie by shooting the bad guys and protecting the innocent.
Tilt your phone to aim. Touch to fire. That's it. But don't be fooled by the ease of wielding your rifle: The outlaws are scared of noone and will gun you down or scalp a woman faster than a dead bird drops if given half a chance.
Get some notches in your revolver handle and compare scores or challenge other players via the online leaderboards. Good luck Sheriff. We are counting on you!

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2x Client

Stay connected to your home or office Windows PC with the free 2X Client for Andoid mobiles and tablets. 2X Client allows you to simply connect, via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), to your remote Windows desktop & applications at work or home. 2X Client also connects to 2X VirtualDesktopServer v9 to seamlessly run published Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, published Windows desktops from Windows Terminal Server and virtual desktops hosted on all major VDIs including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix Xen.

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Camera File

This app is a small tool to make it easier to attach a picture to an email directly from the camera. Normally when you want to attach a picture to an email you have already started writing, you have to exit the email app, take the picture, then go back to your email, tap attach, and go find it in the gallery. Way too much work right?
Camera File simply adds an option to the attach menu to take a picture right there and then! It will actually work for any app that ask you to choose a file. Very simple, very free!
All pictures taken this way are saved on the SD card under CameraFileApp.

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Reader by Sony Electronics

Carry your favorite eBooks on your Android phone with Reader™. The intuitive design is ideal for on-the-go reading, allowing you to make bookmarks and highlights – and adjust font size – as you read. Synchronize your reading position, bookmarks and highlights with the Reader Daily Edition™. Purchase books available from the online Reader™ Store.

Ironically, because it requires Android 2.2, it doesn't run on any current Sony Ericsson Android phones.

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JiggBot Live (Free)

A 3D dancing robot Live Wallpaper.

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Get the App that revs up the fun factor in your boating lifestyle!
* Text or Email your boat’s location to other boaters
* Share your raft up anchorage or favorite fishing hole
* Show your boat’s near shore location on Google Maps
* Displays your Latitude & Longitude (even out of cell range)
* Call for a tow and BoatUS will know where you are
* Access 25 BoatUS Services for your boat’s tool bag
* Get the hottest boating news from BoatUS Press Room
BoatUS – Boat Owners Association of The United States knows boaters like to:
* Share breathtaking cruising destinations
* Keep a log of where they’ve been on the water
* Warn others of where to avoid ‘Uh Oh’ grounding spots
* Have the comfort knowing they can call 24/7 for a tow
Use the BoatUS App to easily send your phone’s GPS Latitude and Longitude with a Google map link.

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VirtuaGym Fitness Home & Gym

* full workouts for home & gym
* clear 3D demonstrations
* exercise directions
* personal trainer Brad Fit :)
* it's FREE!

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AAA Roadside

AAA’s legendary roadside assistance is available easily through this app. Avoid waiting on the phone and receive confirmation that the information sent to AAA is correct. Using the location of your Android device a roadside assistance request is a few simple steps away. Select the type of breakdown and AAA assures your information is delivered to a local roadside problem-solving technician for quick response.

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Nationwide Mobile

There are many details to think about after you’ve had an accident. Nationwide Mobile will keep them organized for you. This app will help you get things back on track as soon as possible. Use it to:
• Collect and exchange accident information
• Record details of the event
• Photograph the accident scene
• Start a claim
• Locate nearby tow trucks and Nationwide Blue Ribbon repair shops
• Display proof of insurance and other account information
• Check the amount and due date of your next bill

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Look of Disapproval

Reddit's favorite - the world famous Look of Disapproval is now at your disposal anywhere!
Powered by your phone's accelerometer this app gives you the ability to easily show your disapproval to friends, family, and colleagues.

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Look of Disapproval Wallpaper

The world famous Look of Disapproval is now available as a live wallpaper!
Powered by your phone's accelerometer and touchscreen, this live wallpaper will constantly disapprove of what ever you are doing with your Android.
Includes the choice of seven (7) faces to choose from including the "Monocle of Disapproval", the "Innocent Face", and "Tears of Joy"!

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Starbucks Card Widget

Starbucks Card Widget for Android allows you to quickly and easily manage and track your Starbucks Cards, and enables mobile payments from your Android phone!

• Home screen widget shows your current balance, updated automatically
• Leave the card at home, Pay for your Starbucks purchases at supported locations using your Android phone and stored Starbucks Card
• Manage unlimited cards *
• View your recent transactions
• Reload your card directly from your phone
• Find Starbucks locations nearest you and get directions or turn-by-turn GPS voice navigation with Google Maps
• Works with registered and unregistered cards
• Free, absolutely no ads or nags

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MasterCard ATM Hunter

Find ATMs located around the world with your Android's GPS, by entering an address or an airport location, from wherever you happen to be.

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WTF App Of The Week

This week, we have not 1 but 2 entries. You decide which one is more WTF-worthy.

Hitler Alerm

WTF? A Hitler alarm?

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WTF #2: Angry Turds

Like Angry Birds? Then you're going to love Angry Turds (or not).

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