An eager reader forwarded an internal Best Buy memo  to Engadget which indicates, in no uncertain terms, that the Motorola XOOM tablet is set to launch at Best Buy on February 17th.

moto-xoom image

A leak from Verizon has confirmed that the unsubsidized price of the XOOM will be $799. However, Best Buy may be retailing the device for an altogether different price.

xoom price

The XOOM is an important device for both Motorola and Google because it will be the first tablet to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb, an iteration of the Android OS that supports the tablet form factor. Google rubber-stamped their approval over this product when Andy Rubin demoed Honeycomb on the XOOM at AllThingsD's D:Dive Into Mobile. So, even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently the best Android tablet, it is running Android 2.2 Froyo, which is not optimized for tablets.

Finally, the Galaxy Tab has already sold over a 1 million units. In contrast, Motorola estimates sales of the XOOM to reach a modest 700,000 to 800,000 units in Q1 2011. We will have to wait till February 17 to see how popular the XOOM really is.

Credit: Engadget and AndroidCentral

Abhiroop Basu
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  • MicroNix

    Nice to hear this is coming out so soon. Now if only Best Buy can knock $100 or so off of the Verizon price or offer a 16GB wifi version for $599, we'll be in business. I have ZERO interest in another data plan when I already have one. We sooooo need pooled data plans if the carriers are going to make stuff like this work. Soon it will be your phone, your tablet, your car, your home internet all from a wireless carrier and they can't possibly think everyone is going to buy a $30/month data plan for each and every one of these!

    • ckeegan

      Just to clarify, Verizon doesn't require contracts on data-only devices, and doesn't even offer them (never has) for the Galaxy Tab or iPad/MiFi. The Xoom shouldn't require a data contract either.

  • Greg

    At $800 a pop they may only sale that many. I thought the plan was to compete with others. I love the look, ideas, and Android but this just isn't a reasonable price.

  • lemon

    This is the several tablet to be after iPad? "Come with Google's Android Honeycomb operating system for tablets, a dual-core processor, a high-resolution (1,280x800) display, dual cameras, and the Verizon 3G (and soon-to-come 4G) network. " I would say all this is an imitation of the iPad, though the iPad now don't have these features, but who can tell why the tablet should get dual-core, it's iPad, and high-resolution display , along with dual cameras, all these are bcz the one who used iPad think it's lack of this features, or can be stronger(better in this field), so I'd to say iPad is the king, and now the iPad 2 is on the road!

    Yup, I'm waiting for iPad2. if Apple really do release a greater than Full HD screen on the iPad 2, then amazing! Even though now the 1gen iPad is also not bad with 9.7-inch high-resolution screen, perfect to me for watching HD movies, music videos(though sometimes need the help from iFunia video converter as lack of flash support) and playing around with thousands of iPad apps and iPad games.

    Well, it's Apple creates a tablet market, so it's no need to scared of the competitors, I believe Apple will be dominant for at least two years and probably far longer.

  • Martin

    800$ in the U.S...propably means they will sell the tablet for 800€ in europe. Don't see any features that justify that price. :(

  • Glenn M

    All this implies the 3G version of the Xoom. They can't possibly sell their wifi version for any where near that amount. So how much are they planning to sell the wifi version for?