An update to the popular custom launcher ADW EX was released today, and it adds a feature many ADW users have been clamoring for: custom dock backgrounds. While it may sound trivial, some have used the lack of a custom dock option in ADW to declare Launcher Pro the superior app. ADW EX comes with 8 of its own custom docks, though you can use any image from your gallery as a dock background. The update also includes a few additional customization options (you can find the full changelog here).

snap20110123_125637 snap20110123_125640

To get the custom docks, hit the Menu button while on a homescreen, select More, ADWSettings, UI Settings, Main Dock, Dock Background, Custom. Yeah - I thought it was a little convoluted, too.

One small caveat: whenever you switch dock backgrounds after the first time, you'll have to force close ADW to get the new dock background to register (at least on my N1 running CyanogenMod 7 you do). Also, if anyone else was experiencing "laggy" performance using ADW on CM7, that issue has apparently been fixed.

Have a cool custom dock background you've made or have otherwise acquired? Share it in the comments!

Source: ADW Things

David Ruddock
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  • Combatantpeak

    YES!!! I hav been wanting to do this with ADW Launcher EX since Launcher Pro was able to do it.

  • http://www.appsandroid.dk Morten Høy

    I have a problem changing the wallpaper. I have to dø it in sense UI. No matter what I do, I can not fix it. But ADW it takes down Launcher pro anyday. I use it on Desire HD, and its blazing.

  • HTC Incredible – CyanogenMod 7

    They still are behind LauncherPro in many other ways and the most obvious that nobody seems to remember when they write about ADW is: THE LP WIDGETS. The Facebook scrolling News Feed widget is amazing and there is currently no other way (that I know of) to add this functionality via a separate app (obvious Sense UI - but that defeats the purpose.) Also you can have a separate Twitter feed widget that shows all your current followers tweets, OR you can combine facebook and twitter together ala the "friends" widget. This is really where these launcher developers need to focus more of their attention - more useful additions to make everyday usage easier. Also I cant remember right this second but does ADW even have any Bookmarks or Contact widgets?

    Also another note - ADW is still missing a scrollable dock, which isn't a deal breaker - but it's cool to have three different docks to swipe through with useful shortcuts and I keep my app drawer in the center of all three.

    Okay well that's just my input. I really think they're both great apps. Honestly I wish someone would start making killer home screen widgets with scroll support like full screen RSS readers (that look good) and even the Facebook widget that LP has could use settings like fontsize, skins, etc...this is where I think there's massive room for improvement and nobody is filling the need in the app community that I have seen so far.

  • Dxtra

    To replace any Launcher pro Widgets, search the market for Scrollable Widgets. For Facebook I'm using Facez works great.

  • Aaron Gingrich

    Your background makes me want to punch kittens.

    That is all.

    • Nick

      I agree techno spaghetti

  • Larry

    HTC Incredible - CyanogenMod 7,

    Well, Launcher Pro is for people that like widgets. I don't. The only widgets I have are the Scrolling News Widget, and Fancy Widget Pro. Other than that, I don't want widgets cluttering up my phone. I don't use Facebook, or Twitter all that much to care or want a full page widget telling me someone just had dim sum.

    As for the scrollable dock, ADW Launcher EX actually has it. All you have to do is swipe up, and it comes up, and you can have an unlimited number of apps there that you can scroll through, so both ADW and LP have the same functionality. The only difference is, if you like tons of useless widgets, go with LP, if you don't go ADW.

    As for an app that provides good looking scrollable widgets for Facebook, Twitter, etc. I remember seeing one a little while back. Looked nice, but I never downloaded it b/c I don't see the need for them, other than hogging my phone's resources.

  • Larry

    Oh yeah, the name of the scrollable widget app is Colorize Widget. It has Facebook, Twitter, Agenda, RSS feed integration, as well as others. You can also cahnge the background and the look of each widget, and transparency, I think.

  • Larry

    In case you want more scrollable widgets to replace LP widgets on ADW, Zeam or Go, they are all listed at XDA here:


    • HTC Incredible – CyanogenMod 7

      Wow, thank you soo much. I knew there had to be various options out there but haven't been able to find a nice list and this hit the spot! excellent work!

  • http://android.net HarvesterX™

    I've been a fan of both ADW and LauncherPro since.they were.still babies. I rememberanually having to install ADW since it was a system app and I fell in love immediately. Then I heard all this buzz about LauncherPro and tried it out. Another class act of a launcher. When I was running the Avalon theme I used it just because it offered the customization to make the theme complete...which ADW now offers as well.

    If I could only have one and only ever use that ONE launcher and never switch, I would havwe ro go with ADW.