It appears that T-Mobile is staying true to its word when it comes the Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Vibrant - the much-anticipated software upgrade is now slowly but surely rolling out.

There's a catch, though: it's only available through Samsung's Kies Mini software (which runs exclusively on Windows - sorry, OS X users). We aren't yet sure if/when an OTA update will accompany this Kies Mini version, but here's what we do know: the update's build number is UVKA6, and it contains T-Mobile TV and WiFi calling in addition to all the usual Froyo goodies.

Update: T-Mobile confirmed that the update rollout has begun and posted upgrade instructions together with a handy FAQ right here. They've also confirmed that the update will be delivered exclusively via Kies and will not be available OTA (over-the-air).

Granted, it's been almost exactly eight months since Froyo was announced (and over a month since European Galaxy S devices received the update), but I suppose it's better late than never. Let's just hope Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint follow suit before too long!

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Sources: TmoNews, XDA-Developers, T-Mobile

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Anyone else receive their update?

  • not gonna happen

    Nope did you get yours? If so was it ota or kies

    • reddragon72

      It is only through Kies.

  • Laz

    I have kies mini and it looks like im getting the update UVKA6, is it better than UVKA6 leaked from XDA-DEVELOPERS???

    • http://wwqw DmdFreak

      I believe it's the same

  • Kazuo

    Tried updating my Vibrant via Kies and it does not work.

  • Juan

    I just update my Galaxy S Vibrant T-Mobile using Kies and WORKS PERFECTLY....

  • Frigadroid

    Kies oh please what happend to the promise of a simple update?

  • jose

    will this void the warranty?

    • fauxhawk70

      No this is the official update.

  • cristian

    i do evrything but when i connect my phone says unregistered device.and the option to phone upgrade its gray,i can not update it.can someone helpme?

  • Jackson

    Anyone know more info about a 2.2 upgrade for Galaxy S phones on AT&T? Or where could I follow that?

  • Chris

    Just upgraded mine through Kies. Couple of bugs in this build, which I had seen with custom builds a few versions ago...1. Under Settings -> About Phone -> Status, phone number shows as "Unknown". Not a huge deal unless you use an app like a couple from Verizon FiOS that actually rely on it. Then they don't work. 2. The T-Mobile Desk Home app force closes when it is run. So much for needing 2.2 in order to use the dock with the Desk Home app. That's all I have found so far.

  • http://www.djnumarv.com DJ NUMARV

    the update works on kies but if it didnt work try a 2nd time it worked for me it just the server is bogged down with everyone updating.....

  • fauxhawk70

    I did get the update.... Had some trouble with Kies but after I installed the Samsung Vibrant device driver and checked USB debugging under Settings|Applications|USB debugging everything started up in Kies and it showed the update.

    Took like 20 mins to download and another 20 to reboot into the home screen.

  • gdub

    Mine worked great no complaints. Good job Samsung.

  • Bruce

    I downloaded Kies and the update went smoothly. Yee-ha! Froyo 2.2 at last.

  • Matt

    Need root for this now

  • Deanna

    I do not have a "USB Debugging" option.... I keep getting the same message when I connect my phone to my pc. "unrecognized device". Any suggestions?

    • fauxhawk70

      You will need to install the Samsung device drivers so that your computer recognizes your phone.

      I believe that the drivers and instructions are here...

      Then you will need to click the USB debugging box on your phone by going to SETTINGS then APPLICATIONS then DEVELOPMENT.

      Do this last step with the Kies application on your computer open and running.

      If Kies does not see your phone before clicking on USB Debugging make sure that under APPLICATIONS your USB Settings is also checked for Kies... You will have to do this before checking the USB Debugging option in the steps above.

  • roy

    GPS doesn't work now... And new look for youtube does't help when it only works half the time... Wtf

    • fauxhawk70

      Did you perform a master reset after the upgrade?
      You may have to.... I had to because my WIFI was not working correctly. Once I performed the factory reset by holding the upper vol key, home key which looks like a little house or up arrow, and holding the power button down all at the same time during a reboot it brought a menu up which let me delete all my previous user data and previous apps installed on the phone.
      Once that was complete my phone was left with a fresh install of Froyo and everything was working great.

      Don't select erase Storage Card or you will lose everything on it. You should not have to do that option. Just the "User Data" in the menu.

      Good luck!

  • http://www.hotsweetass.com hot arse

    finally worked perfectly, digging my vibrant finally

  • wonka670

    I tried updating today but after downloading the update went to second step but said failed to update remove battery and reboot or use emergency recovery. I pulled my bat. It rebooted fine. I haven't tried it again yet tho cause of work, but wondered if I should do a factory reset before I tried again. Read another person in a different forum had same problem.

    • fauxhawk70

      I would guess that backing up your phone and performing a master reset would be your best starting point for trying again to install the update.
      Was your phone ever rooted or have you ever installed a non-official build on the phone?
      If so that would void your warranty so do not mention that to your cell phone carrier if you end up calling for support if the master reset does not do the trick.
      If your phone has been rooted and a sketchy build was installed previously I would try to flash back the the stock official build unroot the phone so you get a fresh start before trying the official update.

  • Tel

    I ran into the same issue and did a master reset....still getting the same error my phone has never been rooted could there be anything else that is making my phone not accept the update?

  • fauxhawk70

    You are trying to update the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S from T-Mobile correct?