Great news for those who have pre-ordered Notion Ink's first tablet, the Adam: they're starting to ship. Notion Ink has apparently just received their first large shipment, and posted their own unboxing and hands-on photos, while some pre-order customers now have tracking numbers in their hot little hands. Very exciting, no?

First up are the shipping details, courtesy of Adam fanblog AdamLogs. Looks like the person behind the blog has found that there's now a link to "Check Pre-Order Status" on the Notion Ink website. Once you do, you can find your details and a tracking link:


And once you click on the tracking link:


They're also sending an email to those whose Adam is on its way explaining just that fact, and explaining how to track the order:

Dear Mr. XXX

Greetings from Notion Ink!

We are delighted to inform you that your Adam is on its way!

You would now be able to track your Adam as it makes its way to you. Please find the details of your shipment below.

Your Notion Ink Order Number can be used to track your shipment. Click here to track your Adam and enter your order number (NIOSP153XXX) in the space provided. Please make sure you choose the reference number option.

Please find the details of your device below.

Serial Number - N9PW9110100XXXX
Invoice Number - NIP20110119-XXXX

Please remember to check our blog (http://notionink.wordpress.com) for any updates.

In case you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Team

Notion Ink has received their first real shipment as well, and took some unboxing and hands-on pictures. I'll post just a few - for the full list, check out the official post.



[Source: AdamLogs, Notion Ink]

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  • JMag

    As a pre-order-er, this is crazy exciting news. Now, the world is going to find out how great a device the ADAM is! Thanks for the unboxing photos!!!

  • John J

    Thank god they actually look like decent build quality. Can't wait for the reviews.

    An update waiting already? $10 says their servers crash kekeke.

  • Inspiron41

    i'm tracking my package as well!!! i just love how rohan said in his blog that there will be an update right out of the box :). i hope they'll keep this level of support for their device throughout!

    • John J

      I wouldn't call it 'support' per se. It probably means some part of the software wasn't ready / bug-free at production time, so they shipped the product as-is, with the intention of having the update ready by the time the product reached users' hands.

      Think Gran Turismo 5.

      • Bhujang Patil

        Update is for new Genesis apps and new skins.

        Think nothing.

        • John J

          You actually just confirmed what I said...

          It's nothing to get defensive over, it's a strategy used throughout many electronic industries.

      • Inspiron41

        any updates that make the system better is a thumbs up

  • zelduh

    It's so exciting!

  • JoRiDe

    Where are the doubters now.......? Hiding in their holes or their tongues have been bitten?

    • jeremee

      lol who goes around biting tongues? NI worshipers? Feral bastards!

      Anyway way back in 2009 I had an interest for the "adam" but they took so long that now, myself and many others will wait for reviews of this and the other brand name tablets.

      Good luck to NI and all who purchased.
      The "true test" is survival.

  • Geico

    Grats to NI for completing the product and finally shipping after a difficult journey. But the battle is only half over, now to take a serious stab at customer service. A nice start would be to handle the problem with the lack of discounts to the logo contestants. Its been a month of questions via comments and emails and no reply in sight. Tackle it before it turns into another PR hiccupt, please=)

  • http://tech2.com MOHAN

    guys we have to accept two facts one is that this is the most promising tablet device till date (after i pad ) other one is that if we are suspicious and still believe it is a vapour ware we may not get a chance to use and review it . Guys lets encourage these people this is the way we get more and more innovative consumer friendly devices in the market otherwise we could have never seen laptops smart phones anything .

  • Avid

    Amidst all the buzz of it actually shipping, and not withstanding the statement from Rohan that they will clear the february pre-orders early -- here's a news flash

    My preorder which was supposed to ship between Jan 15 and Jan 22, just got delayed! Now, it is estimated to ship from factory Jan 29!

    I understand the delay is possible -- but NI is seriously messing up communication and with contradictory statements about order fulfillment it stands to lose credibility.

  • Avid

    AP can contact me, and I will send you the screenshots. Also, the delay was noticed by me only after tracking the pre-order status on the website. No e-mail notification was sent.

  • Avid

    I love all the details about Adam's development, design, attention to detail, etc. However, the company has a long way to go in learning customer service, order fulfillment, communicating with actual customers vs. communicating with potential customers vs. their communication with already die-hard supporters.


    Most people who purchased this NOTIONINK ADAM are very disappointed since the delivery schedule is very very unacceptable,
    form 9th Jan to 22nd Jan then 29th Jan then,,,

  • alqumar

    Hitler has ranted about the iPad and everything else under the sun, so why not Adam?!

    So here it is:

  • j.e.d.

    Any news on the next round of (pre-)ordering? The Notion Ink Pre-order Page (http://notionink.com/order.php) is still unavailable.