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As disappointing as it may be to see the Nexus One - Google's first officially anointed developer phone - still getting Froyo-based updates, that's exactly what just happened. According to several Android Central forums members, a 558kb update to Android 2.2.2 (or build number FRG83G) is currently rolling out over the air to the N1, bringing "important bug fixes" with it.

In related news, the Samsung-built Nexus S - Google's second developer phone - also received an update today, though this one is Gingerbread-based. Its version number is 2.3.2, and, coincidentally, it is also said to bring "important bug fixes."

So here's the question: Given the fact that the two updates are rolling out at almost exactly the same time with the exact same description, could they both contain a fix to the infamous SMS bug? It would certainly make sense, and it would certainly put a smile on a lot of users' faces.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the updates. In the meantime, here's the download link for 2.2.2 - enjoy!

Update: And here's the download link for 2.3.2, aka GRH78C!

Sources: XDA-Developers, Android Central forums via Android Central, Android Community

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • http://www.nlaplante.com nlaplante

    Download for 2.2.2 says phone is not supported (2.2.1)

  • Scotter

    Do you mean the SMS bug on the Samsuck Nexus S(hite)? I have not experienced (or heard of any Nexus One owners experiencing) any bugs with SMS.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Nope, the SMS bug is actually there on all versions of Android, though, obviously, not all users experience it.

  • three_pineapples

    I haven't heard of anyone experiencing it either (personally) on any phone.

    Apparently the bug affected all flavours of android though.

    As much as places like Engadget liked to beat up the story, it really was a bug only affecting 0.001% of android owners (calculated approximately from number of stars on the bug reports after 2 days in the media and 300000 new android activations per day)

  • Noel

    I have seen no bugs on my N1 nor read anywhere of the bug on N1 devices. Guess Google is just being cautious just incase or they also descovered a bigger loop hole. Anyways now to my main concern...WHEN WILL THE REAL NEXUS, THE N1 GET THE GINGERBREAD UPDATE?????? Or Google is waiting 2go str8 to Android 2.4 on the N1 or a blend of Gingerbread n Honeycomb???? All i know is i have no interest on the NS...unless there is a Dual core version of NS on the horizon with Super Amoled plus screen and a micro SD card slot etc..

  • Snail

    What, is there still some with N1 who DOESNT run any 2.3 mods?


  • scotter

    As far as I know, that SMS bug is specific to the Nexus S.

  • Westindiesking

    This is probably to fix my reported issue with the regarding the of the random rebooting. Ry Guy updated us last night that they were testing a second fix.

  • scotter

    What phone do you have?

  • Shmoopty


    From the SMS bug's report page.


    "As you might have seen, we are in the process of rolling out a fix for this SMS issue to Nexus One and Nexus S devices. In addition, we have published patches which resolve this issue."

  • sad @ google

    Nexus 1 will be getting gingerbread "in the upcoming weeks" aka Gingerbread is coming... So is Christmas.

  • http://www.jetsetplumbing.com.au Plumber Brisbane

    I still don't know Google said they would upgrade the nexus S are they still going to or can you do it now?