Oh, boy... what a mess this is. Earlier this week, a Motorola employee with access to the company's official YouTube account replied to a (now deleted) comment about their locked bootloaders with "if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks." Issues about eFuse aside, that's a pretty poor thing to say from a customer service perspective.  Apparently, Motorola recognized that fact after somebody posted on their Facebook page they'd be taking that advice:


Does this mean they're doing away with eFuse? Maybe... maybe not. But at least we know they're exploring the possibility, and that a more modder-friendly Moto isn't completely out of the question.

[Source: Droid-Life, AndroidCentral]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • johnny99

    I hope you mean ex-Motorola employee.

  • Sdkippy

    Just lip service in order to let the issue die. Then they will continue as before. FM

  • http://www.friedsoftware.com David G. Friedman

    I wish it were real, and not lip service since I have a Droid X and it is VERY buggy and freezes often, especially when doing GPS navigation with Bluetooth stereo. Considering I made my living as a tech on dispatch and NEED GPS, that sucks. If I'd had brains I would have done more research before leaving T-Mo (no T-mo signal in my new house) and taking a MOTOROLA Verizon phone. I should have taken the Droid Incredible even with the rumored overheating / rebooting stories so I could CyanogenMod it, just like my trusty old G1. Then I'd have FAR FEWER bugs in my phone.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/thegreenjacket rhY

    I said it before, I'll say it again: BOYCOTT. Really all the major players with their lock down should be boycotted. A rooted android phone is ALWAYS superior, and those who implement root blocking (HTC, Motorola, Sony, etc.) should ALL be boycotted. I just wish there was a cheaper Nexus One.

  • krizalid

    if they really lock it, then cliq would be my last moto. i was wrong to look at moto, i should have stick with HTC.